Dido ‎– Odds & Ends

A collection of unfinished tracks and demo recordings.

- "Give Me Strength" has been rerecorded by an artist named "Over The Rhine" on their album "Films For Radio".
- "Reverb Song" is just a funny joke.
- "Take My Hand" and "Me" have been released as bonus tracks for some editions of the "No Angel" album.
- "Sweet Eyed Baby" is an alternative early calmly minimalistic recording of what later became "Don't Think Of Me".
- "Believe" later became "Take My Hand".
- "Worthless" on this release is slightly different from the mix released on "The Highbury Fields EP" and the Australian "Café Del Mar Volumen Ocho" compilation. That one is a bit shorter, some part of the original "Worthless" are cut out and they have changed some parts.
- "River Run Dry" appeared as "River, Run Me Dry" on the cover CD of "Future Music Magazine #38 / December 1995".

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