Ilsa Gold ‎– Regretten? Rien!

Mego ‎– MEGO 058
2 × CD, Compilation



1-01: unreleased, recorded at Hey Victim Studios, spring 2003
1-02: released 1993, Ilsa Gold II 12", Mainframe
1-03: released 1993, Ilsa Gold I 12", Mainframe
1-04: released 1994, Ilsa Gold III 12", Mainframe
1-05: recorded 1994, Radio FM4
1-06: released 1995, Andreas Dorau DoCD, Motor Music
1-07: released 1995, Capital Noise
1-08: unreleased live recording, at the Funkhaus 1995
1-09: released 1994, Digivalley 12", Championsound
1-10: unreleased, recorded 1995 at Noedlsounds, Vienna
1-11: released 1993, Ilsa Gold II 12", Mainframe
2-01: released 1994, Ilsa Gold III 12", Mainframe
2-02: unreleased, Radio FM4 1995
2-03: released 1993, Ilsa Gold I 12", Mainframe
2-04: unreleased, Radio FM4 1995
2-05: released 1993, Ilsa Gold II 12", Mainframe
2-06: unreleased, Radio FM4 1995
2-07: unreleased, recorded 1993 at Noedlsounds, Vienna
2-08: released 1994, DoCd, Vienna Hartcore, Labworks
2-09: released 1994, Andreas Dorau 12", Motor Music
2-10: released 1994, Ilsa Gold III 12", Mainframe
2-11: unreleased, recorded 1994 at Noedlsounds, Vienna

1-11.2 and 2-11.2 are unlisted hidden tracks which contain recordings starting after a period of silence.

Comes in a digipak-double-DVD-case with an 8 pages booklet.

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  • Barcode (Sticker on shrink-wrap): 9 006946 100584



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29. September 2014
geändert over 4 years ago

Ilsa Gold Retrospective. Most important sounds you have to know of the legendary project Ilsa Gold you find here on this two discs. The artwork is unique, both discs are presented in a golden glossy luxury DVD-double case and there is a 16 page booklet added with images of an Ilsa Gold Frontpage report plus other images of them and a funny Rave-board game.
The humor Ilsa Gold stand for but also the hard sounds of their heavyweight 90s tracks are transported in right way with this.
You can find the original recordings of the legendary Ilsa Gold Interview on Radio FM4 where the legend of Ilsa Gold is not Sons Of Ilsa was created. Sons Of Ilsa is the brutal side-project of Ilsa Gold, more craziness and speed.
Anywhere you want to place this release in your collection, it seperates itself from the other because, yes, of the size but not at least because the special Ilsa Gold sound.This light shined like an explosion in the years of their most famous releases, it won't be repeated by other artists because the character of noninterchangeability and originality is that similar output gets boring fast instead it has some new, creative elements.
Ilsa Gold. It is the 'other' "Intelligent Techno"...
... a thundering 909+303+sampler storm in front of two rebels on a mission enclosed under a strobo delighted mayhem crowd. Pitched melodies known from the bourgeoisie childhood of the 90s Generation, married with hammering bassdrums & cutting-dashing hihats.
There is warm wetness running down the walls and the fog is a sweet taste of cocain, speed and ecstacy and washes out any view into the day after, all this happened somewhere around the early to mid 90s.
If you weren't there the only evidence is this 2cd in your hands... ...or the original releases on wax...