Imminent Starvation ‎– Human Relocation



Relocation II 5:24
Dislocation 3 5:29
Nothuman I 4:06
Relocation I 5:34
Dislocation 2 2:34
Lost Highway 72 6:01

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23. Februar 2016
geändert about 1 year ago
bezogen auf Human Relocation, LP, Album, ¥001
Dislocation 3 is rather interesting. It's pretty much acidcore with extremely dense reverb and delays. The initial synth sound must be from an analog monosynth, likely being triggered by a 303 (?) with CV/Gate. You can clearly hear the octave changes. The kick is on the low end, as is the acid, making it not a very dancefloor-friendly track, so to speak.


10. September 2003
geändert over 6 years ago
bezogen auf Human Relocation, LP, Album, ¥001
The quintessence of industrial music.

Relocation 2 is the soundtrack to an armoured-tank production chain. Epileptic distorted drums with harsh heavily metallic - to the point it's painfull - grinding noises.
With approximately the same sounds, Dislocation 3 is a train gone crazy through the vast openness of Siberia.
Not Human 1 is... not human! An incomplete or damaged cyborg tries to escape its enemies in an urban area, while people around stare at it, astonished, and keep telling "it isn't human".
Relocation 1 is another version, less metallic, but more powerful. Tanks go to war.
If, on Dislocation 3, one could hear a train trying to brake, on Dislocation 2, it is let totally loose! Again, less metallic and grinding, but faster.
Lost Highway 72 is the soundtrack to a global war. It builds up alongside the various attacks, until it becomes clear that those are leading nowhere. Decision is made to use more definitive weapons. It happens. However, slowly, one can feel the relentless horror and sentiment of misery and disgust that emerges once the battlefield has been cleared. The bitter end.

A complex, yet fantastic release.
Unfortunately, as for many Hymen releases, six tracks on a piece of wax do not help for great sound quality.