Lenny Bruce ‎– I Am Not A Nut, Elect Me!


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25. Mai 2012
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This has to be Lenny's most outrageous album cover. And this includes 'The Sick Humor of Lenny Bruce' which finds Bruce laying out a nice picnic in a cemetery. The cover features Lenny cuddling up with a black and an oriental girl, while obviously black guys in KKK sheets, holding minstrel canes and hats, celebrate 'togetherness' underneath a statue of Abraham Lincoln. And this was way back in 1960!

The album features Lenny's classic bit "The Palladium". Can you say 'politically incorrect'? Lenny was this and more. Great stuff!

The title of the album comes from an actual line from a politician back in the day, who used the slogan (referring to his opponent). Politics hasn't changed much since then.