Négligé - Electronic Underwear ‎– Pränatal Inferno

Archegon ‎– GON 1001
CD, Album


1 Trio Invernale 8:19
2 Das Fraktal Trio 7:22
3 Waldorfsalat 4:29
4 Pränatal Inferno 6:37
5 Im Tal Der Gakki 5:56
6 Geschwisterermäßigung 9:46
7 Weltsumpf 6:10
8 Gyrophonie 5:54
9 Homage To Dr. E.A. Ming 11:06

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First edition limited to 1000 copies.

Recorded at Studio Lupus Polaris, Munich, and Archegon Studio, Munich.



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2. Juni 2012
This arrived on the day I was finally ready to print this long-overdue issue, consequently, this is just a brief review. Are you into EDGARD VARESE? The guy who invented the term “Musique Concrete” and created what are without doubt it’s greatest musical moments? Are you addicted to his "Poème Electronique” and wish you could find more of this superb-yet-strange music? Well look no further, NÉGLIGÉ-ELECTRONIC UNDERWEAR will sate you no matter how famished you are. Can you count the myriad noises on this album, some which smoothly relate to each other some which grate? I doubt it - there’s almost too much variety here. Full of brilliant colours and textures, you can almost taste the sharp blue of electricity, you can almost smell the ozone. They offer nine slices of fragmented music, the longest track, “Homage To Dr. E.A.Ming” being 11'07" long, the shortest a mere 4'19", the album in total stretching 64’15” and not a second too long. They use a variety of ‘found' sounds - chimes, alarm bells and dozens of other things, yet they seem to avoid sampling, for which I take off my hat - disconnected sampled sounds would so easily fit into this complex sound-circus, yet they ignore it, choosing risky, almost dangerous sounds and composition.
Anyway, that’s all I’m going to write this issue, I’ll delve deeper next issue. Just in case this hasn’t tempted you to buy a copy. Don’t be put off by the fact that these are relatively unheard-of - this should be an album to treasure - a classic for those seeking pure electronic sound with little or no connection to any easy music ‘type’. It may be Jazz, but if it is, it’s the best I’ve ever heard. A latecomer for the non-existant “SOFT WATCH TOP TEN”. Buy it now!

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.