Nazareth (2) ‎– Loud & Proud! The Box Set

24 × CD, Album, Reissue
2 × CD, Album, Reissue
3 × CD, Compilation
3 × CD
Vinyl, LP, Album, Picture Disc, Reissue
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
2 × Vinyl, LP
2 × Vinyl, LP
3 × Vinyl, 7", Single, Compilation
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


CD1-1 Witchdoctor Woman
CD1-2 Dear John
CD1-3 Empty Arms, Empty Heart
CD1-4 I Had A Dream
CD1-5 Red Light Lady
CD1-6 Fat Man
CD1-7 Country Girl
CD1-8 Mornig Dew
CD1-9 The King Is Dead
CD2-1 I Will Not Be Led
CD2-2 Cat's Eye, Apple Pie
CD2-3 In My Time
CD2-4 Woke Up This Morning
CD2-5 Called Her Name
CD2-6 Fool About You
CD2-7 Love Now You're Gone
CD2-8 Madleine
CD2-9 Sad Song
CD2-10 1692 (Glen Coe Massacre)
CD3-1 Razamanaz
CD3-2 Alcatraz
CD3-3 Vigilante Man
CD3-4 Woke Up This Morning
CD3-5 Night Woman
CD3-6 Bad Bad Boy
CD3-7 Sold My Soul
CD3-8 Too Bad Too Sad
CD3-9 Broken Down Angel
Loud ´N´ Proud
CD4-1 Go Down Fighting
CD4-2 Not Faking It
CD4-3 Turn On Your Receiver
CD4-4 Teenage Nervous Breakdown
CD4-5 Free Wheeler
CD4-6 This Flight Tonight
CD4-7 Child In The Sun
CD4-8 The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
CD5-1 Silver Dollar Forger
CD5-2 Glad When You're Gone
CD5-3 Love And Lost
CD5-4 Shanghai'd In Shanghai
CD5-5 Jet Lag
CD5-6 Light My Way
CD5-7 Sunshine
CD5-8 Shapes Of Things / Space Safari
Hair Of The Dog
CD6-1 Hair Of The Dog
CD6-2 Miss Misery
CD6-3 Guilty
CD6-4 Changin´ Times
CD6-5 Beggars Day/Rose In The Heather
CD6-6 Whiskey Drinkin' Woman
CD6-7 Please Don´t Judas Me
Close Enough For Rock´N´Roll
CD7-1 Telegram Parts 1 - 4
CD7-2 Vicky
CD7-3 Homesick Again
CD7-4 Vancover Shakedown
CD7-5 Born Under The Wrong Sign
CD7-6 Loretta
CD7-7 Carry Out Feelings
CD7-8 Lift The Lid
CD7-9 You're The Violin
Play ´N´ The Game
CD8-1 Somebody To Roll
CD8-2 Down Home Girl
CD8-3 Flying
CD8-4 Waiting For The Man
CD8-5 Born To Love
CD8-6 I Want To Do Everything For You
CD8-7 I Don't Want To Go On Without You
CD8-8 Wild Honey
CD8-9 L.A. Girls
Expect No Mercy
CD9-1 Expect No Mercy
CD9-2 Gone Dead Train
CD9-3 Shot Me Down
CD9-4 Revenge Is Sweet
CD9-5 Gimme What's Mine
CD9-6 Kentucky Fried Blues
CD9-7 New York Broken Toy
CD9-8 Busted
CD9-9 Place In Your Heart
CD9-10 All The King's Horses
No Mean City
CD10-1 Just To Get Into It
CD10-2 May The Sunshine
CD10-3 Simple Solution (Pts. 1 & 2)
CD10-4 Star
CD10-5 Claim To Fame
CD10-6 Whatever You Want Babe
CD10-7 What's In It For Me
CD10-8 No Mean City (Pts. 1 & 2)
Malice In Wonderland
CD11-1 Holiday
CD11-2 Showdown At The Border
CD11-3 Talkin' To One Of The Boys
CD11-4 Heart's Grown Cold
CD11-5 Fast Cars
CD11-6 Big Boy
CD11-7 Talkin' Bout Love
CD11-8 Falllen Angel
CD11-9 Ship Of Dreams
CD11-10 Turning a New Leaf
The Fool Circle
CD12-1 Dressed To Kill
CD12-2 Another Year
CD12-3 Moonlight Eyes
CD12-4 Pop The Silo
CD12-5 Let Me Be Your Leader
CD12-6 We Are The People
CD12-7 Every Young Man's Dream
CD12-8 Little Part Of You
CD12-9 Cocaine (Live)
CD12-10 Victoria
CD13-1 Love Leads To Madness
CD13-2 Boys In The Band
CD13-3 You Love Another
CD13-4 Gatecrash
CD13-5 Games
CD13-6 Back To The Trenches
CD13-7 Dream On
CD13-8 Lonely In The Night
CD13-9 Preservation
CD13-10 Take The Rap
CD13-11 Mexico
Sound Elixir
CD14-1 All Night Radio
CD14-2 Milk & Honey
CD14-3 Whippin' Boy
CD14-4 Rain On The Window
CD14-5 Backroom Boys
CD14-6 Why Don't You Read The Book
CD14-7 I Ran
CD14-8 Rags To Riches
CD14-9 Local Still
CD14-10 Where Are You Now
The Catch
CD15-1 Party Down
CD15-2 Ruby Tuesday
CD15-3 Last Exit Brooklyn
CD15-4 Moondance
CD15-5 Love Of Freedom
CD15-6 This Month's Messiah
CD15-7 You Don't Believe In Us
CD15-8 Sweetheart Tree
CD15-9 Road To Nowhere
CD16-1 Cinema
CD16-2 Juliet
CD16-3 Just Another Heartache
CD16-4 Another Side Of You
CD16-5 Hit The Fan
CD16-6 One From The Heart
CD16-7 Salty Salty
CD16-8 White Boy
CD16-9 A Veterans Song
CD17-1 Animals
CD17-2 Lady Luck
CD17-3 Hang On To A Dream
CD17-4 Piece Of My Heart
CD17-5 Trouble
CD17-6 The Key
CD17-8 Back To School
CD17-9 Girls
CD17-10 Donna - Get Off That Crack
CD17-11 See You, See Me
CD17-12 Helpless
No Jive
CD18-1 Hire And Fire
CD18-2 Do You Wanna Play House
CD18-3 Right Between The Eyes
CD18-4 Every Time It Rains
CD18-5 Keeping Our Love Alive
CD18-6 Thinkin' Man's Nightmare
CD18-7 Cover Your Heart
CD18-8 Lap Of Luxury
CD18-9 The Rowan Tree / Tell Me That You Love Me
CD18-10 Cry Wolf
Move Me
CD19-1 Let Me Be Your Dog
CD19-2 Can't Shake Those Shakes
CD19-3 Crack Me Up
CD19-4 Move Me
CD19-5 Steamroller
CD19-6 Stand By Your Beds
CD19-7 Rip It Up
CD19-8 Demon Alcohol
CD19-9 You Had It Comin'
CD19-10 Bring It On Home Mama
CD19-11 Burning Down
CD20-1 When The Light Comes Down
CD20-2 Cheerleader
CD20-3 Loverman
CD20-4 Open Up Woman
CD20-5 Talk Talk
CD20-6 Nothing So Good
CD20-7 Party In The Kremlin
CD20-8 God Save The South
CD20-9 Robber And The Roadie
CD20-10 Waiting
CD20-11 May Heaven Keep You
The Newz
CD21-1 Goin´Loco
CD21-2 Day At The Beach
CD21-3 Liar
CD21-4 See Me
CD21-5 Enough Love
CD21-6 Warning
CD21-7 Mean Streets
CD21-8 Road Trip
CD21-9 Gloria
CD21-10 Keep On Travellin'
CD21-11 Loggin' On
CD21-12 The Gathering
CD21-13 Dying Breed
Big Dogz
CD22-1 Big Dogz Gonna Howl
CD22-2 Claimed
CD22-3 No Mean Monster
CD22-4 When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again
CD22-5 Radio
CD22-6 Time And Tide
CD22-7 Lifeboat
CD22-8 The Toast
CD22-9 Watch Your Back
CD22-10 Butterfly
CD22-11 Sleeptalker
Rock´N´Roll Telephone
CD23-1 Boom Bang Bang
CD23-2 One Set of Bones
CD23-3 Back 2b4
CD23-4 Winter Sunlight
CD23-5 Rock 'n' Roll Telephone
CD23-6 Punch A Hole In The Sky
CD23-7 Long Long Time
CD23-8 The Right Time
CD23-9 Not Today
CD23-10 Speakeasy
CD23-11 God Of The Mountain
CD24-1 Telegram
CD24-2 Razamanaz
CD24-3 I Want To Do Everything For You
CD24-4 This Flight Tonight
CD24-5 Beggar's Day
CD24-6 Every Young Man's Dream
CD24-7 Heart's Grown Cold
CD24-8 Java Blues
CD24-9 Cocaine
CD24-10 Big Boy
CD25-1 Holiday
CD25-2 Dressed To Kill
CD25-3 Hair Of The Dog
CD25-4 Expect No Mercy
CD25-5 Shapes Of Things
CD25-6 Let Me Be Your Leader
CD25-7 Love Hurts
CD25-8 Tush
CD25-9 Juicy Lucy
CD25-10 Morning Dew
Homecoming - Live At The Garage Glasgow, 2002
CD26-1 Light Comes Down
CD26-2 Razamanaz
CD26-3 Miss Misery
CD26-4 Holiday
CD26-5 Dream On
CD26-6 Simple Solution
CD26-7 My White Bicycle
CD26-8 Walk By Yourself
CD26-9 Bad Bad Boy
CD26-10 Heart's Grown Cold
CD26-11 Broken Down Angel
CD26-12 Whiskey Drinkin' Woman
CD26-13 Hair Of The Dog
CD26-14 This Flight Tonight
CD26-15 Beggar's Day
CD26-16 Love Hurts
Singels, Eps, B-Sides & Bonus Tracks
CD27-1 Friends (Alternate Edit)
CD27-2 Morning Dew
CD27-3 If You See My Baby
CD27-4 Hard Living
CD27-5 Spinning Top
CD27-6 Love Hurts
CD27-7 Hair Of The Dog
CD27-8 Down
CD27-9 My White Bicycle
CD27-10 Holy Roller
CD27-11 Railroad Boy
CD27-12 Nightingale
CD27-13 You're The Violin
CD27-14 Good Love
CD27-15 Greens
CD27-16 Desolation Road
CD27-17 May The Sunshine (Single Version)
CD27-18 Star
CD27-19 Whatever You Want Babe (Single Edit)
CD28-1 Crazy (A Suitable Case for Treatment
CD28-2 Morgentau
CD28-3 Heart's Grown Cold (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16/3/80)
CD28-4 Razamanaz (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16/3/80
CD28-5 Hair Of The Dog (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16/3/80
CD28-6 Talkin' To One Of The Boys (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16/03/80)
CD28-7 On the Run
CD28-8 Do You Think About It
CD28-9 Party Down
CD28-10 Winner On The Night
CD28-11 Woke Up This Morning (Live In Germany)
CD28-12 Bad Bad Boy (Live At Glasgow Garage 2002)
CD28-13 Just Another Heartache (Alternate Version)
CD28-14 A Veterans Song (Alternate Version)
CD28-15 This Flight Tonight (1991 Version)
CD28-16 Tell Me That You Love Me (Single Version)
CD29-1 Love Hurts (Rock Orchestra Version)
CD29-2 Razamanaz (Unplugged)
CD29-3 My White Bicycle (Unplugged)
CD29-4 This Flight Tonight (Unplugged)
CD29-5 Love Hurts (Instrumental Orchestra Version)
CD29-6 Laid To Wasted
CD29-7 Walk By Yourself
CD29-8 Danger Danger
CD29-9 Just A Ride
CD29-10 Wanna Feel Good?
CD29-11 Big Boy (Acoustic)
CD29-12 Simple Solution (Acoustic)
CD29-13 My White Bicycle
CD29-14 Love Hurts (Acoustic)
CD29-15 Open Up Woman (Acoustic)
Rare & Unreleased
CD30-1 Storm Warning
CD30-2 Paper Sun
CD30-3 Goin' Down (BBC Pop Spectacular, 4th January 1973; Live
CD30-4 Dear John (BBC Pop Spectacular, 4th January 1973; Live)
CD30-5 Ruby Baby (BBC Pop Spectacular, 4th January 1973; Live)
CD30-6 Razamanaz (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
CD30-7 Alcatraz (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
CD30-8 Vigilante Man (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
CD30-9 Night Woman (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
CD30-10 Bad, Bad Boy (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
CD30-11 Broken Down Angel (Razamanaz Demo, 1973)
CD30-12 Go Down Fighting (Loud 'N' Proud Demo, 1973)
CD30-13 Child In The Sun (Loud 'N' Proud Demo, 1973)
CD30-14 Not Faking It (Loud 'N' Proud Demo, 1973)
CD30-15 Teenage Nervous Breakdown (Loud 'N' Proud Demo, 1973)
CD31-1 Jet Lag (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono)
CD31-2 Light My Way (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono)
CD31-3 Loved And Lost (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono)
CD31-3 Shanghai'd In Shanghai (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono
CD31-4 Sunshine (Rampant Demo, 1974; Mono)
CD31-5 Snaefel
CD31-6 Mexico (Demo From 2XS)
CD31-7 Read The Book (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)
CD31-8 Baby's Got A Gun (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)
CD31-9 Crime & Punishment (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)
CD31-10 Let Me See The Light (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)
CD31-11 Blue Skies (Sound Elixir Demo, 1983)
CD31-12 SOS (Outtake From Sound Elixir)
CD31-13 Eat The Book (Outtake From Sound Elixir)
CD31-14 Sunshine Of Your Love (Outtake From Snakes N Ladders)
CD31-15 See You See Me (Demo From Snakes 'n' Ladders)
CD31-16 Heatwave (Outtake From Snakes N Ladders)
CD31-17 Every Time It Rains (No Jive Demo, 1991)
CD31-18 Cry Wolf (No Jive Demo, 1991)
CD31-19 Right Between The Eyes (No Jive Demo, 1991)
CD32-1 Stand By Your Beds (Move Me Demo, 1994)
CD32-2 Steamroller (Move Me Demo, 1994)
CD32-3 Demon Alcohol (Move Me Demo, 1994)
CD32-4 When The Light Comes Down (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
CD32-5 Waiting (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
CD32-6 Loverman (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
CD32-7 Open Up Woman (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
CD32-8 Talk Talk (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
CD32-9 Nothing So Good (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
CD32-10 Cheerleader (Boogaloo Rough Mix, 1997)
CD32-11 Open Up Woman (Boogaloo Acoustic Alternative Version, 1998)
CD32-12 Bad, Bad Boy (Re-Record, 2009)
CD32-13 Broken Down Angel (Re-Record, 2009)
CD32-14 Heart's Grown Cold (Re-Record, 2009)
CD32-15 Love Hurts (Re-Record, 2009)
CD32-16 My White Bicycle (Re-Record, 2009)
CD32-17 Turn On Your Receiver (Re-Record, 2009)
Rampant Picture Disc
LP1-A1 Silver Dollar Forger
LP1-A2 Glad When You're Gone
LP1-A3 Loved And Lost
LP1-A4 Shanghai'd In Shanghai
LP1-B1 Jet Lag
LP1-B2 Light My Way
LP1-B3 Sunshine
LP1-B4 Shapes Of Things / Space Safari
Expect No Mercy - Original Version
LP2-A1 Kentucky Fried Blues
LP2-A2 Gone Dead Train
LP2-A3 Shot Me Down
LP2-A4 Greens
LP2-A5 Life Of A Dog
LP2-B1 New York Broken Toy
LP2-B2 Revenge Is Sweet
LP2-B3 Desolation Road
LP2-B4 Can't Keep A Good Man Down
LP2-B5 Moonlight Eyes
BBC Rock Hour- Live At Hammersmith Odeo, London - 16th March 1980
LP3-A1 Razamanaz
LP3-A2 I Want To Do Everything For You
LP3-A3 Showdown At The Border
LP3-B1 Beggar's Day
LP3-B2 Heart's Grown Cold
LP3-B3 Big Boy
LP3-C1 Holiday / This Flight Tonight
LP3-C2 Hair Of The Dog
LP3-D1 Talkin' To One Of The Boys
LP3-D2 Expect No Mercy
LP3-D3 Broken Down Angel
Turn On Your Receiver - BBC Bob Harris Session 1972 - 73
LP4-A1 Woke Up This Morning / Boogie
LP4-A2 Hard Living
LP4-A3 Country Girl
LP4-A4 Goin' Down
LP4-B1 Razamanaz
LP4-B2 Night Woman
LP4-B3 Broken Down Angel
LP4-B4 Vigilante Man
LP4-C1 Turn On Your Receiver
LP4-C2 Too Bad Too Sad
LP4-C3 Razamanaz
LP4-C4 Bad Bad Boy
7´´ Single 1
A Broken Down Angel
B Bad Bad Boy
7´´ Single 2
A This Flight Tonight
B Shanghai'd In Shanghai
7´´ Single 3
A Love Hurts
B My White Bicycle


Box Limeted Edition 5000 Worldwide.
32 CDs (including all 23 original studio albums that have been remastered, two original live albums, as well as unpublished audio and demos)
Four 180g 12 "LPs including two doubles and a picture discThree exclusive 7 "singles
A 52-page hardcover photobook with new and earlier interviews, unseen photos and posters
Reproduced original memorabilia such as programs, lyricsheets, posters and a Rampant Dollar Note sticker
-metal pins
A Townsend exclusive edition was released. This containes a band photo signed by Pete Agnew and Dan McCafferty. Limited to 500 copies.

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  • Barcode: 4 050538 343427


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24. Januar 2019
geändert 9 months ago
I have Salvo Remastered versions and I think sounds way better then this version


19. November 2018
Normally, I don't comment on releases I don't own, but seeing as I have every Nazareth album in their original forms, as well as live stuff and b sides, I felt the need to comment on a few things.

First off, who is this set supposed to be for? The hardcore fan, right? Well, the hardcore fan already has almost everything here. The BBC stuff has been available for years, either as bootlegs or officially. The Bob Harris show stuff is from the recent Union Square Music reissue campaign, and the 1980 show has been bootlegged for years under various names ("Malice In London", "Razamanaz In Wonderland"), as well as being broadcast as late as the early 2000's by Westwood One here in the states.

The B-sides and single versions were on the most recent remasters as well as other remasters, the unreleased studio material came out on Union Square Music's "The Naz Box", and there was even a compilation of the b-sides from 71-83 called "From The Vaults". The studio albums included in this set are also from the recent Union Square Music reissue campaign (if you look at the credits, it says the rights are from USM - UNION SQUARE MUSIC) - so you are basically RE-BUYING the most recent remasters you may already have. Another thing I find funny, is they took the bonus tracks from these discs, and put them on separate discs. Why? There was more than enough room on each disc for those bonus tracks. Why make more discs? To raise the price of the set? Plus, most fans would probably prefer to listen to the bonus tracks in the context of the specific album and time period of which they were released.

Now, I know that the vinyl stuff says "first time on vinyl", which is fine - but is it enough to justify such an expensive set? Do they sound much better than the CD's/digital versions out there? I doubt anything was sourced from the original tapes (in fact, the BBC stuff is most definitely not, as they were notorious for erasing their masters of older shows to reuse the tapes, hence why there is a whole lot of Beatles, Stones, Yardbirds stuff that hasn't been heard since it was originally aired). Still, I hope they release the original version of "Expect No Mercy" included here on vinyl on it's own one day.

The posters, adverts, and sheet music are pretty cool for a Nazareth fan to own, but then again, a lot of hardcore fans might already have this stuff as well. As for the liner notes, do they offer anything new? Or is it just Dan and Pete, like it always is? Is there any input from Manny, Zal, or Billy? Billy seems to get overlooked in the Naz canon, despite being the one thing that brought Naz back to life after Manny was fired. It would be nice to hear his take on things.

And in regards to the live stuff on this set, there are many more (and better) shows that were recorded that have never (officially) seen the light of day. There was even an entire live album recorded in 1979 while Zal was still in the band that was supposedly "lost", with only one song from those recordings surfacing - an acoustic cover of "Cocaine", which ended up on "The Fool Circle" album in 1980. During this tour, a song called "The Wrong Time" was in their set, and other than bootlegs from the 79 period, this song was never officially released. A studio version supposedly was never done, but who knows. My point in all of that? You would think that with all of the "lost" recordings that have been "found" as of late, they could've come up with something truly rare, that Naz fans have wanted for years.

So basically, it's a nice box, with some fancy inserts, and "kinda-rare" tracks...? Kinda hard to swallow when you've spent decades (and lots of money) collecting the original albums, b-sides, bootlegs and various remasters to round out your collection. As I said, this is confusing to me, because this set is supposedly targeting the hardcore fan, but the hardcore fan doesn't really need any of this, and the new or casual fan won't really care about most of this. A missed opportunity. This is why I stopped buying box sets a long time ago.


15. November 2018
the only catch i see is none of the discs from the 1970s through the 1990s catlog have the bonus tracks that where on all the reissues from back in 2003, regardless this looks like a killer box set, it sure is tempting.....................


9. November 2018
geändert about 1 year ago

Only complaint would be the printing on the cd sleeves is way too dark and contrasted. Otherwise amazing set! Vinyls sound great.


14. Oktober 2018
Did not listen yet to the vinyl but the CD remasters sounds amazing.