Nytt Land ‎– Oðal

Cold Spring ‎– CSR249CD
CD, Album


1 Darraðarljóð / The Song Of The Valkyries 3:20
2 Ragnarök 6:38
3 Midsommar 7:08
4 Hávamál 6:31
5 Norður / Yule Song 6:25
6 Tagelharpa Song 2:44
7 Deyr Fé / The Heritage 9:11
8 Völuspá 5:53
9 Sigrdrífumál / The Ballad Of The Victory-Bringer 6:53



"Oðal" is inspired by the traditional music of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, the Old Icelandic epic and the atmosphere of classic Norwegian black metal.

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  • Barcode: 0641871745074

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7. Juni 2018
geändert about 1 year ago
A reminiscence from "Wardruna" and "The moon lay hidden beneath the clouds" nonelethess its evident in here, some other bands had inspiration in these currents during recent years but these created an authentic syncretism. With a voice that reminds the invocations from Alzbeth and a mystic ritualism pace assented in factuality and practice as Wardruna. This music is authentic, it has Form, it is mature and it has meaning and as result it becomes a powerful album.

Now, grasp all your belongings and take hold of what constitute your inner self as there are Ragnarok implications in here, lots of it.
For start the title. Odal.

Now the album has a sound that remits the listener to some profound place, some far away ancient belonging which is not exactly geographically objective. It's an inner place of the self, something old and forgotten, hidden behind centuries and alienated by the black magic from brainwashing technology. Awakening, taking hold, coming back.

Figuratively with this album we are back to the dark ages, but curiously at the same time there is a feeling of refreshing liberty and perilous adventure, our current times and ways have made us weak and conformist, had crippled our inner self, but there's a chance for a new way. A new beginning and a new end. As said before, there are some massive implications in here.
The chants, the pounding ritualistic drums, the mesmerizing tonal voice from the singer, altogether creates an encircling atmosphere of sublime power and enchantment.

Very strong album, it shows a band who has evolved and creates something not merely to entertain but to make it live. The soundtrack for our own Ragnarök.