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23. Februar 2018
geändert about 1 year ago
bezogen auf Rave Alarm, 12", BB 028

Nice analysis by Fernand8, but i have to disagree. Rave music was not, and is still not a subgenre in music. In fact "rave" is not a particular style. It's just a general synonimous of underground dance music, including all styles.
From the other hand, during the oldskool years 1989-1993 of dance music there were mostly 2 directions. First direction was called "Techno" music, that originated in Belgium around 1991 including other European countries like Dutch, Germany, Italy, France etc.
This was the hard and aggressive first wave of Techno music with high quality tracks. It was the first true style in hard dance music.
The second direction sortly after was called "Hardcore" originated in UK around 1992 with mostly cheese and rediculous uninspired easy money breakbeat tracks.
"Praga Khan - Rave Alarm" was one of the better examples of original Belgian 1991 oldskool techno.


11. Oktober 2014
bezogen auf Rave Alarm, 12", BB 028

'Rave' is not (yet) accepted as (sub)genre in music. For a short period late 1989 till 1993 Techno for rave-parties had a distinct sound which partly had an Britsh sound and partly a Belgium/Dutch and German sound. It is sometimes classified as Techno and some call it Hardcore. In my collection I call it "1991 Techno", not only was 1991 the peak year it also was the name of some retro-parties in the Netherlands. This sub-genre of Techno came out of New Beat, (Manchester style) House and German harder Techno and was suited for the Rave parties. By 1993 part of the scene transformed into Hardcore & Gabber, the other part went into more abstract Techno: Minimal.
Rave Alarm is a good Belgium-style example which is in lot of lists (see on right) , you may also listen to GTO "Listen to the Rhythm Flow" For a Britsh example.