Satya Sai Maitreya Kali ‎– Apache / Inca



Ice And Snow 3:24
Black Swan 2:49
Color Fantasy 3:50
Voodoo Spell 2:00
Salesman 2:55
Music Box 2:54
Love Is Our Existence 2:29
One Last Farewell 2:34
I'm Walkin' Solo 2:27
Silk And Ivory 3:04
Swim 2:42
Revelation 3:11
Lights Of Dawn 2:56
Thesis 2:45
Knot The Frieze 12:31
Jesus Owns 1:31
Sam Pan Boat 3:17
Fearless Men 3:37
Cheryl 3:04
Country Girl 2:51
Old Man 3:47
King 0:08

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14. Januar 2020
bezogen auf Apache / Inca, LP, Ltd, RE, MAM-102
Very excited about this official release but can anyone justify why it costs $70 new?


13. Januar 2020
bezogen auf Apache / Inca, LP, Ltd, RE, MAM-102
Soundgarden88 and Brandonschmittmusic, thx a bunch guys. God bless Mike Stax`s time and effort. Maitreya Kali bless all of us!


11. Januar 2020
bezogen auf Apache / Inca, 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Two
This is not an official issue. So please be aware of paying those high prices dear people


10. Januar 2020
bezogen auf Apache / Inca, LP, Ltd, RE, MAM-102
Good fellows, anyone to drop a line on the quality of this long-time favourite mindblower?


11. November 2018
bezogen auf Apache / Inca, 2xCD, Album, RE, SHADOKS 005
I found a box of test pressing at the end of a record fair in a bargain box with different cat#. Same audio content as Youtube videos. Any idea what this could be?


19. Juni 2018
bezogen auf Apache / Inca, 2xCD, Album, RE, SHADOKS 005
I had this original double album that comes in 1972. I sold it in 2002, to a famous European dealer.

Absolutely brilliant double masterpiece by Craig Smith, formerly of the LA band the Penny Arkade. Combines tracks from that group (psych-pop/ rock with a strong The Monkees bent) with solo acoustic material recorded after his sojurn to South America in 1969 that's very much in the Forever Changes mode. Some of the acoustic songs in particular are just brilliant. If you're like me, you'll find yourself slaving over your acoustic guitar trying to determine the tunings and capo positioning Craig used to achieve these unique voiceings. Vocally Mr. Smith actually sounds a bit like Art Garfunkel at times, as if Artie was somehow filtered through the spirit of Bryan MacLean. If there's any drawback to this re-issue, it's the sound quality. The source seems to be an LP copy unto which heavy noise reduction was applied. I tweaked the EQ settings on my media player and got much better resolution out of it by boosting the highs and cutting everything below 1k by 3dB. But in the end it's the songs that matter, and Maitreya Kali delivers the goods in spades. If you like albums such as Forever Changes, Their Satanic Majesties Request or Electric Music for Mind and Body this is a can't miss pick.

Also of interest to fans of The Beach Boys and The Monkees, as Mike Love makes a rare guest appearance on Smith's own version of "Salesman", a song Craig previously gifted to The Monkees for their excellent Pisces, Aquarius.. LP. (Monkee Michael Nesmith also produced the unreleased Penny Arkade LP, which was finally reissued a couple of years ago.)