Swans ‎– Various Failures 1988-1992

A compilation featuring excerpts from White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity, Love Of Life, The Burning World, and the Ten Songs For Another World album by the Swans related entity Skin (2). In addition, it contains B-sides, rarities, and previously unreleased tracks from the period.

The versions of "The Golden Boy That Was Swallowed by the Sea" and "Identity" on this release are extended to include the untitled track that originally followed them on the Love Of Life album. The two untitled songs listed on this compilation (tracks 4 and 11 on the Yellow CD) are tracks 5 and 16 respectively from that album.

Prior to this release "New Mind (acoustic version)" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart (Jarboe version)" - both taken from versions of Love Will Tear Us Apart (and otherwise known as "purple version" and "black version" respectively) - had not been made available on CD.

Besides some songs having been faded in/out, the only actually previously unreleased versions included on this comp. are:
- "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes" missing the prayer ending.
- "Unfortunate Lie" (originally released as "The Most Unfortunate Lie" on White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity) presented here in a version missing most of Gira's vocal parts.
- A longer version of "Why Are We Alive".
- A demo version of "When She Breathes", in rather poor recording quality.

Narration (uncredited) on "You Know Everything" (an alternate version of "You Know Nothing" from White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity, previously released on Celebrity Lifestyle · Mother / Father), is by 5-year-old Jarboe (source: Michael Gira in interview with lastsigh.com online magazine, 1997).

The double CD was re-released in 2000 with some slight changes to the track listings. Specifically the later version dropped the two cover songs "Can't Find My Way Home" originally by Blind Faith (2)/Steve Winwood and "Love Will Tear Us Apart" originally by Joy Division, as well as the acoustic version of "New Mind". These are replaced by "Saved" and "The Sound Of Freedom" from the bands own back catalogue.


Yellow CD 75:52
Miracle Of Love 6:25
Black Eyed Dog 3:59
The Golden Boy That Was Swallowed By The Sea 5:09
Untitled 2:07
I Remember Who You Are 4:24
Her 5:23
No Cruel Angel 4:28
When She Breathes 4:31
Why Are We Alive? 6:05
The Child's Right 3:35
Untitled 1:03
The Other Side Of The World 4:29
Song For Dead Time (M. Gira Version) 4:34
Love Will Save You 6:05
Blind 4:31
Unfortunate Lie (Instrumental Version) 2:20
Was He Ever Alive? 6:25
Red CD 78:02
Failure 6:19
Identity 5:35
Can't Find My Way Home 4:48
Trust Me 4:19
Better Than You 5:58
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Jarboe Version) 3:44
Will We Survive? 5:56
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes 1:17
God Damn The Sun 4:21
Eyes Of Nature 4:40
You Know Everything 4:26
Song For Dead Time (Jarboe Version) 4:59
Picture Of Maryanne 4:22
Amnesia 3:42
Dream Dream 5:32
Please Remember Me 4:48
New Mind (Acoustic) 3:26

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