The BBC Sound Effects Library ‎– Sound Effects No. 18 - Holiday

BBC Records ‎– INT 128.004, Intercord Masterserie ‎– INT 128.004
Vinyl, LP, Mono, Stereo


Sports And Recreation
A1a Firework Display 1:04
A1b Water Skiing 1:00
A1c Betting Shop 1:00
A1d Fish And Chip Shop 1:00
A1e Audience Laugh 0:04
A1f Audience Laugh And Applause 0:07
A1g Audience Laugh 0:05
A1h Audience Laugh (Different Acoustic) 0:04
A1i Rowing Boat 0:40
A1j Sailing Ship 0:45
A1k Public House 0:45
A1l Ice Skating 0:40
A1m Cricket (Stroke, Applause, Crowd) 0:15
A1n Yachting 0:30
A1o Tenpin Bowling 0:45
A1p Skiing 0:32
A1q Pony Trekking 0:50
A1r Tennis 0:50
A1s Hot Rod Race 1:00
Funfair And Seaside
A2a Fruit Machine 0:10
A2b Talking Weighing Machine (12st 1lb) 0:12
A2c Talking Weighing Machine (8st 1lb) 0:10
A2d Ball Bearing In Spiral Machine 0:30
A2e Shooting Cats Machine 0:15
A2f Pinball Machine 0:42
A2g Childrens' Roundabout 1:00
A2h Fairground Atmosphere 1:00
A2i Carnival Crowd 1:00
A2j Kids In Playground 0:45
A2k Seawash 1:00
B1a Donkeys On The Beach 0:35
B1b Outdoor Swimming Pool 1:00
B1c Indoor Swimming Pool 1:00
B1d Diving Off Springboard 0:08
B1e Beach Atmosphere (Kids And Seawash) 1:00
B1f Seagulls Over Cliff 1:00
B1g Heavy Rain 0:50
B1h Thunder And Rain 0:45
Crowds And Places
B2a Large Cafe (Italian, But Suitable For Any Country) 1:00
B2b Large Church 0:40
B2c Park Atmosphere (City - Traffic And Children) 0:45
B2d Ethiopian Village (Suitable For Any Native Village) 0:50
B2e Arab Market 0:45
B2f Oriental Crowd 1:00
B2g Museum Atmosphere 1:00
B2h Provincial Atmosphere (Suitable For Any Background) 0:35
B2i Large Indoor Crowd 1:00
B2j Large Station Terminal 0:50
B2k BraAirport Terminal 1:00
B2l Street Market (Suitable For Any Country) 1:00
B2m African Villlage (With Drums) 0:50
B2n Light Suburban Traffic 1:00



sound name in german on the back cover

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23. April 2017
This is a wrong cover, I own the german issue with the same picture as the english one


16. April 2017
The issue I have has the same graphics of the UK issue but titles are in German and catalogue code is INT 128.004. It is made and printed in West Germany in '78.