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8. Dezember 2014
LeLabelNoir is a small and rather unknown French label releasing CD compilations with 80s and early 90s music. Four years after the 1st volume featuring names like The Klinik, Luc Van Acker, Portion Control, Skinny Puppy, Martin Rev, Data-Bank-A and others we finally get the 2nd edition featuring 14 names and rather rare songs from the depths of the 80s electro-experimental corner. The selection of bands mixes some absolute pioneers in the genre, which also became leading names in the underground scene, but we also get a few more forgotten names. Label Noir is not releasing the typical 80s sampler featuring the most famous hits from the most famous underground bands. This is a sampler for the fine tasters.

And there’s no better formation than Cabaret Voltaire to open this great selection of bands. “Time In Minutes” is not exactly the most famous song of the duo, but it totally reflects their icy electro-experimental and new-wave style. Richard H. Kirk was not only a Cabaret Voltaire member, but still an artist that got some fame under his own name as well. There’s a similar minimal approach in the composition and “Nocturnal Children” definitely is one of the finest cuts on this CD.

Zeebox was maybe not the most famous name active during the 80s, but behind this project was hiding Brian Dougans who later on became world-wide famous under the moniker, Future Sound Of London. The song “Laughing box” is a pretty typical 80s experimental electro cut. Carlos Peron doesn’t need any further introduction. He’s not exactly featuring the best cut of this album although it remains an essential artist of the 80s electro community.

Over now to Dokument featuring John Zewizz (Sleep Chamber) and the more than 9 minutes during “Live In Fear”, which is another perfect illustration of the icy 80s electro experiments characterized by the typical sound of a rhythm box.

Clock DVA is one of the absolute pioneers of the most intelligent electro formats. “Transitional Voices” is not their most representative cut although a nice contribution to this album. Twilight Ritual was a Belgian duo featuring one of the members of A Split Second. The band never gained a similar popularity and recognition as A Split Second although it was a fascinating experimental project.

Bands like In The Nursery, Alien Sex Fiend and Attrition don’t need any introduction. They simply belong to the collective memory of the 80s lovers. Alien Sex Fiend’s “Believe It Or Not” is one of my absolute favorites of this compilation. This is a great electro-wave cut.

Artists like John Bender, Fab Two and We Be Echo were not exactly leading names during the 80s, but that’s what I like about this sampler. There’s a place for a diversified selection of artists and not only are the most famous ones featuring the best cuts. Fab Two’s “Shadows On Vega” reminds me a bit of the cold and sterile sound of Siglo XX early years. The last track is from Dark Day, which is another famous name of the 80s and a right choice to bring this album to a good end.

Conclusion: This is the kind of 80s series I can only but support for its intimate character and the selection of the tracks.