Various ‎– Nekton Falls

Celestial Dragon Records ‎– CDREC-06, Mbira Records ‎– CDREC-06, On-Lap Records ‎– CDREC-06
3 × CD, Compilation, Mixed


1-1 Seetyca Intro v.01 2:23
1-2 Clemens Presser & Fietsche Einselbock Flaschenpost (Edit) 13:27
1-3 Seetyca Interlude v.01 1:44
1-4 Yannick Dauby Cetaean Lethargy 6:05
1-5 Seetyca Interlude v.02 1:17
1-6 Gianfranco Grilli Organic Transformation 10:44
1-7 Seetyca Interlude v.03 0:38
1-8 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe That Which Swallows Transfixed Pivotements While Pursuing The Descendent Past The Tawdry Veil Of Fangs 9:57
1-9 Seetyca Interlude v.04 0:27
1-10 Blærp Plankton State 6:49
1-11 Seetyca Interlude v.05 0:43
1-12 Hypersleep Dandelion Dreams 6:45
1-13 Seetyca Outro v.01 3:57
2-1 Seetyca Intro v.02 3:18
2-2 Seetyca Benthos A 10:38
2-3 Seetyca Interlude v.06 0:39
2-4 Error (9) KFFX 4:01
2-5 Seetyca Interlude v.07 0:32
2-6 Nerthus The Inharmonic Heater 13:29
2-7 Seetyca Interlude v.08 0:22
2-8 Niki Neecke Funnyfoodfactory 9:20
2-9 Seetyca Interlude v.09 0:20
2-10 Herpes Ö DeLuxe Tran 7:19
2-11 Seetyca Interlude v.10 0:40
2-12 Etheocles Stevens Feed-Back Recycling 4:59
2-13 Seetyca Interlude v.11 1:47
2-14 I:Wound* Waiting For The New Flesh 7:17
2-15 Seetyca Interlude v.12 0:17
2-16 Scott Gibbons and Societas Raffaello Sanzio CO1.AE.alt2.010702 10:18
2-17 Seetyca Outro v.02 1:26
3-1 Seetyca Intro v.03 0:37
3-2 The Oval Language [Untitled] 1:30
3-3 Seetyca Interlude v.13 0:31
3-4 Frans De Waard Klankschap #10 4:03
3-5 Seetyca Interlude v.14 0:10
3-6 MNortham* Quelques Mètres Du Glacier D'orny 6:47
3-7 Seetyca Interlude v.15 0:20
3-8 Roel Meelkop Thanatos Springs 6:40
3-9 Seetyca Interlude v.16 0:25
3-10 Franziska Baumann Birsay 5:15
3-11 Seetyca Interlude v.17 0:25
3-12 Lull Just Below Wixford 12:33
3-13 Seetyca Interlude v.18 0:27
3-14 NìÐ* Tower Of Babel 8:47
3-15 Seetyca Interlude v.19 0:19
3-16 Mathias Grassow /w. C. Agthe* & S. Fricke* The Earth Rocks 10:07
3-17 Seetyca Interlude v.20 0:27
3-18 Serge Devadder Nivose 6:23
3-19 Seetyca Outro v.03 3:37

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This recording (c) 2006 Celestial Dragon Records
Released in Digipak.

This 3xCD concept album contains exclusively produced soundscapes from 26 artists/projects from 10 countries, all inspired by the relationships and interactions between mankind, environment and sound over the seas and continents. "Nekton Falls" is the scientific term used to describe the process of dead sea organisms dropping to the bottom of the ocean, rotting and eventually turning into food for a new generation.

Barcode und andere Identifikationsmerkmale

  • Barcode: 9 366977 745261
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 1): █ Nekton Falls CD1 █
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 2): █ Nekton Falls CD2 █
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 3): █ Nekton Falls CD3 █
  • Mould SID Code: IFPI AG06



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2. November 2007

This is weird! That's the word I'd use to describe this.
This 3CD project is a very sparse, bleak, weird, experimental, abstract and very very long ambient journey. It's definitely not easily accessible, there is very little in the way of melody, rhythm or structure in this. In fact there is very little in the way of our usual music defining elements. All there is, is deep, dark, bleak minimal soundscapes.

Very hard to describe each track so I'll just run through a few of the highlights.

Gianfranco Grilli - Organic Transformation which is one of the very few that even hints at melody, it is a sad deep melody. Hypersleep - Dandelion Dreams which is a very interesting glitch ambient track that is nicely followed by Seetcya's Outro a nice oceany atmosphere to end on. Seetcya does an intro & outro to each CD as well as a short interlude between each track (on all CDs)

Nethus - The Inharmonic Heater is 13.5 minutes of bleak atmospheric ambience. Shortly after Niki Neecke - Funfoodfactory gives us some nice tribal beats. Herpes ö Deluxe offers us another glitchy ambient gem with Tran. The real gem on CD2 though is I:Wound - Waiting for the new flesh which manages to have a nice eastern vibe

This is the most minimal of the CDs, in the sparse sense of the word. Best track here is Franziska Baumann's Birsay. It's weird it's wet and ends with really of the peg vocals. Lull - Just Below Wixford is either incredibly boring or really good, not sure which. NID - Tower Of Babel is really cool with a hard pounding & a dark vocal sample. Mathias Grassow /w Carsten Agthe & Siegmar Fricke - The Earth Rocks is also worth mentioning as it has a much more earthy musical feel than the rest of the project.

So a concept album about the relationships & interaction between Mankind and the Oceans. I don't think this project is going to reach many people though. It's good & I like it for sure but even I, with my vary varied abstract taste, have to be in the right mood for this album & that mood doesn't come along too often. I definitely wont be putting this on when my friends come round.

If you like, minimal, weird, experimental, abstract ambient then give this a try. If you don't like any one of those adjectives then steer clear of this one!