Various ‎– The Rubble Collection Volumes 1-10

Past & Present Records ‎– PAPRBOX6
10 × CD, Compilation, Remastered
Box Set, Compilation


The Psychedelic Snarl
1-1 Wimple Winch Atmospheres
1-2 The Mirror Faster Than Light
1-3 Caleb* Woman Of Distinction
1-4 Martin Cure & The Peeps It's All Over Now
1-5 The Living Daylights (4) Always With Him
1-6 The Misunderstood Never Had A Girl Like You Before
1-7 The Open Mind Cast A Spell
1-8 The Dakotas The Spider And The Fly
1-9 Wimple Winch Rumble On Mersey Square South
1-10 The Open Mind Magic Potion
1-11 The Living Daylights (4) Let's Live For Today
1-12 The Craig* I Must Be Mad
1-13 Unit 4+2* I Will
1-14 The Hush (3) Grey
1-15 Wimple Winch Save My Soul
1-16 The Mindbenders The Morning After
Pop-Sike Pipe Dreams
2-1 The Mode Eastern Music
2-2 Wimple Winch Marmalade Hair
2-3 The Parking Lot World Spinning Sadly
2-4 The Pretty Things Defecting Grey
2-5 Keith West Kid Was A Killer
2-6 Shotgun Express Indian Thing
2-7 The Executive* Tracy Took A Trip
2-8 Wimple Winch Lollipop Minds
2-9 The Talismen (9) You Break My Heart
2-10 The Pretty Things Walking Through My Dreams
2-11 Bo Street Runners Love
2-12 Sons Of Fred Sweet Love
2-13 Wimple Winch Bluewell Wood
2-14 The Idle Race Knocking Nails Into My House
2-15 The Spencer Davis Group After Tea
2-16 Gordon Waller Rosecrans Blvd.
Nightmares In Wonderland
3-1 The Brain (9) Nightmares In Red
3-2 Focus Three 10,000 Years Behind My Mind
3-3 The Pretty Things Talkin' About The Good Times
3-4 Bamboo Shoot The Fox Has Gone To Ground
3-5 Wild Silk Wisions In A Plaster Sky
3-6 Mark Wirtz He's Our Dear Old Weatherman
3-7 The Lemon Tree William Chalker's Time Machine
3-8 The Koobas Barricades
3-9 Aquarian Age 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box
3-10 The Pretty Things Mr. Evasion
3-11 The Executive* Gardena Dreamer
3-12 The Chances Are Fragile Child
3-13 Ipsissimus Hold On
3-14 Edwick Rumbold Shades Of Grey
3-15 The Penny Peeps Model Village
3-16 Tomorrow (2) Revolution
The 49 Minute Technicolour Dream
4-1 Jason Crest Black Mass
4-2 The Mirage The Wedding Of Ramona Blair
4-3 Caleb* Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad
4-4 Kaleidoscope (2) Flight From Ashiya
4-5 The Cymbaline Matramonial Fears
4-6 Finders Keepers On The Beach
4-7 The Californians The Cooks Of Cake & Kindness
4-8 Rings & Things Strange Things Are Happening
4-9 The Fox (4) Butterfly
4-10 Unit 4+2* 3.30 A.M.
4-11 Kaleidoscope (2) A Dream For Julie
4-12 Tempus Fugit (2) Come Alive
4-13 The Misunderstood Golden Glass
4-14 The Magic Mixture Moonbeams
The Electric Crayon Set
5-1 The Poets (2) That's The Way It's Gotta Be
5-2 The Attack (2) Anymore Than I Do
5-3 The Flies I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
5-4 The Game (4) Gotta Wait
5-5 The Score Please Please Me
5-6 Mark Four* I'm Leaving
5-7 Fire (6) Father's Name Is Dad
5-8 Gene Latter Mothers Little Helper
5-9 The Game (4) Gonnna Get Me Someone
5-10 The Flies House Of Love
5-11 Keith Shields Hey Gyp
5-12 The Attack (2) Try It
5-13 The Poets (2) I Love Her Still
5-14 Dream Police Living Is Easy
5-15 The Fairytale Run & Hide
5-16 Mark Four* Hurt Me (If You Will)
The Clouds Have Groovy Faces
6-1 The Fairytale Lovely People
6-2 The Kinsmen* Glasshouse Green Splinter Red
6-3 The Poets (2) I Am So Blue
6-4 The Ice* Anniversary Of Love
6-5 The End* Shades Of Orange
6-6 Turquoise (3) Tales Of Flossie Fillet
6-7 The Pudding The Magic Bus
6-8 The Attack (2) Neville Thumbcatch
6-9 The Accent Red Sky At Night
6-10 The Elastic Band (3) 8 1/2 Hours Of Paradise
6-11 The Attack (2) Created By Clive
6-12 Two & A Half* Suburban Early Morning Station
6-13 Life 'N' Soul Peacefully Asleep
6-14 The Poets (2) I'll Cry With The Moon
6-15 Falling Leaves* Beggars Parade
6-16 Tinkerbells Fairydust 20-10
Pictures In The Sky
7-1 The Orange Seaweed Pictures In The Sky
7-2 The Glass Menagerie You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
7-3 Orange Machine* Real Life Permenant Dream
7-4 Carnaby* Jump And Dance
7-5 New Formula Harekrishna
7-6 The Onyx So Sad Inside
7-7 The Flying Machine The Flying Machine
7-8 The Primitives (2) You Said
7-9 The Onyx You Gotta Be With Me
7-10 The Ivy League My World Fell Down
7-11 The Epics Blue Turns To Grey
7-12 Factotums* Cloudy
7-13 Koobas* Better Make Up Your Mind
7-14 Erky Grant & The Earwigs* I'm A Hog For You
7-15 The Primitives (2) Help Me
7-16 Velvett Fogg Within The Night
All The Colours Of Darkness
8-1 Yellow (5) Living On A Lie
8-2 Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys* Hold On
8-3 Eyes Of Blue Prodigal Son
8-4 Jason Crest Here We Go 'Round The Lemon Tree
8-5 Rick Price (4) & Sheridan* Lamp Lighter Man
8-6 Jigsaw (3) Tumblin'
8-7 Skip Bifferty On Love
8-8 Methusalah* High In The Tower Of Coombe
8-9 Norman Conquest Upside Down
8-10 Jason Crest A Place In The Sun
8-11 Dantalion's Chariot* The Madman Running Through The Fields
8-12 Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys* Daughter Of The Moon
8-13 Mashmakhan Days When We Are Free
8-14 Mike Stuart Span Children Of Tomorrow
8-15 Serendipity (3) I'm Flying
8-16 Second Hand The World Will End Yesterday
Plastic Wilderness
9-1 Dragonfly (6) Celestial Empire
9-2 Peter & The Blizzards* You Know That I'll Be There
9-3 Groep 1850* Mother No-Head
9-4 The Tower Slow Motion Mind
9-5 The Outsiders (5) Do You Feel Alright
9-6 Sharks & Me Buses
9-7 Short '66 Good Weekend
9-8 The Motions Wedding Of 100 Brides
9-9 Sandy Coast Back To The City
9-10 The Zipps Lotus Love
9-11 The Bumble Bees Girl Of My Kind
9-12 The Young Ones (7) Mini Minnie
9-13 St. Giles's System Swedish Tears
9-14 Q 65* So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall
9-15 Super Sister* A Girl Named You
9-16 Les Baroques Such A Cad
9-17 The Golden Ear-Rings* That Day
Professor Jordan's Magic Sound Show
10-1 The Onyx Tamaris Khan
10-2 The Glass Menagerie Fredrick Jordan
10-3 The Clique (2) We Didn't Kiss Didn't Love But Now We Do
10-4 Montanas A Step In The Right Direction
10-5 The Floribunda Rose Linda Loves Linda
10-6 Velvett Fogg Lady Caroline
10-7 The Turnstyle Riding On A Wave
10-8 The Kytes Frosted Panes
10-9 Fresh Air Running Wild
10-10 The Orange Seaweed Stay A While
10-11 5 AM Event Hungry
10-12 The Game (4) Gotta Keep On Moving Baby
10-13 The Glass Menagerie She's A Rainbow
10-14 New Formula Stay Indoors
10-15 Writing On The Wall Buffalo
10-16 Orange Machine* You Can All Join In

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