Venetian Snares ‎– Doll Doll Doll



Pygmalion 6:53
Remi 6:24
I Rent The Ocean 5:55
Dollmaker 5:47
Befriend A Childkiller 8:39
Pressure Torture 7:49
Macerate And Petrify 6:03
All The Children Are Dead 9:07

Versionen (5)

Kat.-Nr. Künstler Titel (Format) Label Kat.-Nr. Land Jahr
¥716 Venetian Snares Doll Doll Doll(CD, Album) Hymen Records ¥716 Germany 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
¥716 Venetian Snares Doll Doll Doll(CDr, Album, Unofficial) Hymen Records (2) ¥716 Russia 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
Y716 Venetian Snares Doll Doll Doll(8xFile, FLAC, Album) Not On Label (Venetian Snares Self-released) Y716 Canada Unknown
¥716 Venetian Snares Doll Doll Doll(8xFile, FLAC, Album) Hymen Records ¥716 Germany Unknown
¥716 Venetian Snares Doll Doll Doll(8xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Hymen Records ¥716 Germany Unknown


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15. Juli 2019
bezogen auf Doll Doll Doll, CD, Album, ¥716
I wish this got a proper vinyl release with all the tracks from the CD version.


19. März 2012
geändert over 8 years ago
bezogen auf Doll Doll Doll, CD, Album, ¥716

Pseudo-music. Venetian Snares is a guy I can admire because he has talent and sometimes uses that to extraordinary ends (like his classical music album).

But there's no soul on this album...its just pounding noise. What is so great about this, I'll never know.


23. Mai 2010
bezogen auf Doll Doll Doll, CD, Album, ¥716
Other than the creepy pedo cover, i love this album.

To everyone who is was talking about how this album is just noise and has "no real message":
Try giving it another listen because im sure its just going over your head.
My favorite track is Pygmalion.


5. Oktober 2008
bezogen auf Doll Doll Doll, CD, Album, ¥716
Wow. This is one of Venetian Snares' best works to date. This album pulls samples from all over, ranging from video games and jazz music to gangsta rap and phone calls. The end result of it all is one of the creepiest recordings ever to be mastered to disc.
If you want my opinion, "Dollmaker" is where the album really kicks off. Granted, the three-part intro is really neat, especially "I Rent The Ocean," with its disturbing ambiance and a free jazz session that fits in surprisingly well. But soon after that, you get an album that changes suddenly and seamlessly with just a spoken word, at one minute, a piece of prime-quality ambient punctuated by periods of silence, at the next, full-speed, no-bullshit, heart-stopping breakcore.
"Dollmaker" is a prime example of this. Starting with speedy drums, a jazzy piano, and snippets of "Harvester Of Sorrow" played on cellos, then turning quickly into a dark ambient piece, then, just around the corner...
"I'm gonna murder ya young-style like Jon Benét Ramsey!"
At this point, the song goes at full speed, with Sway and King Tech shouting away. Then, after one last sample, the song slowly but surely closes.
"Befriend A Childkiller" is up next, starting with a fine piece by Phillip Glass. No matter how long it lasts, it can't last forever, right? And it doesn't. With talk of spirits and childkillers, the song speeds on, creating a very disturbing piece, merging straight into "Pressure Torture."
Then you have "Macerate And Petrify," starting off as what "Aegispolis" would have sounded like had it been composed by Edgar Allan Poe, with quick stabs of somebody getting hit and horns, than quickly giving way to a full speed breakcore tune, with distorted and scary samples from "Silence," and then a period of silence in which only brief stabs of a synthesizer, and, with a single sample, back again. Even eerier, it works.
As our closing song, you get the says-it-all "All The Children Are Dead." Slowly starting up, it goes at full throttle, collapsing to become another minimalist piece, and getting back up at full speed, with no momentum lost until the very end, when the song slowly fades away, ending the album just as it should.
The scary part of it all: This is the same man who wrote "Songs About My Cats only months earlier.
I live near a place that deals in dolls. Sales, repairs, creation, everything. After hearing this album, I never looked at it the same way again.

16. März 2008
bezogen auf Doll Doll Doll, CD, Album, ¥716
As mentioned, this release sounds like noise just for the sake of being evil and crazy, with no real message or soul behind the music. Dark, evil, unrelenting, hard, and fast, this music may appeal to some other crowds, but for those of us who were expecting, as mentioned, an AFX style IDM release, this breakcore sound dominates this release. Personally, I can't stand this "music", and I have since given away my copy of this album.


19. Februar 2008
bezogen auf Doll Doll Doll, CD, Album, ¥716
This ain't got nothin to do with AFX, this ain't got all that much to do with breakcore or jungle either (well, you know, kinda). They're just using the same programming. This is bloody horror sonics, power electronics made with beats and a laptop. Only with grooves, brutal grooves if you must, some seriously expert DSP scrambling, and composerly atmospheres that breed more horror than a Stanley Kubrick soundtrack. Total aggression and total demonic possession. This record is evil and it will make you evil and you will love it.


24. November 2004
geändert over 16 years ago
bezogen auf Doll Doll Doll, CD, Album, ¥716

If this is ‘the best Breakcore album ever written’ I hate to hear what everyone else is doing. Full of uninspired production, little to no rhythm, and total chaos. Now you might say, what do you expect from a Breakcore record? I expect a competent producer to arrange a track in a manner that is broken but can be followed without a sense of emptiness. The tracks are so hollow, and one-dimensional. The production seems to just work on trying to make a Breakcore album sound as much as noise as possible with an annoying effect. I will say one thing, the album does accomplish is to make a sinister atmosphere. Maybe next time Venetian Snares might be able to catch my attention with some more matured production.


19. März 2003
bezogen auf Doll Doll Doll, CD, Album, ¥716

Snaring venetian dolls

A recipe for disaster. Huge mechs start their awkward dance of destruction. The background of this unholy act is a helium shockwave gaining and loosing its intensity until it becomes a punch into the industrialized face of society absurd in its nasty grin. The wave turns into silent bleeping when the dollmaker crushes his head upon the very doorsteps of my house. Four times.

The insanity begins.

With silence. Well… almost.
What follows is an anxious sax playing unearthly tones right into my head. It would not hold much longer. Not much. Luckily the dollmaker knows the constraints of a regular earthling and soon the pace of the massacre is torn into pieces by words of passion.

“I love you. So much.”

The end is far away. Further with every child screaming its life away. Further with every drone acting as a creators hand, sweeping the rest of my restraints. Somewhere in the midst of the first apocalypse I find myself screaming for more. Another mechanical being knocks its iron palm upon the rail allowing only silent instants of piano and vocal parts, cut out from some jazz epic, to get away. With nothing.

And then the dollmaker comes. He is dressed in flowery bossanova alternating with apocalyptica cellos and drumbeat of hellish purity. He walks proudly on the teritory never traversed before. Teritory of tasty and aggressive techno.
“Then I cut your neck leaving little piece of skin so the head won’t follow. (…)" BLAST!!
“ Please leave a brief message regarding any information you may have regarding the investigation (…) also, if your comfortable, please, leave your name and telephone number. (…) Thank you very much for calling”

And the second apocalypse is concepted. I stand in awe observing the best track I’ve heard in my entire life revolving around samples like “In what way may I touch the chosen soul” The spirits howl. They are creatures not wearing the sheep of a man. And I become speechless. I merely shiver in eternal darkness befriending the childkiller…

It a totally free, insane and surreal soundtrack of my fucking life.

When the last child is dead the only remnants of its existence in an army of dolls. Dolls dolls…

any feedback?


25. März 2002
bezogen auf Doll Doll Doll, CD, Album, ¥716

Wake up!

This release is a wake up call to all those laptop-heads looking for something a tad more... ass-kicking. Venetian Snares comes correct with this explosive little ditty guaranteed to have your head-bangin' with your fists raised to the sky. With tracks like "all the children are dead", "befriend a child killer", and "macerate and petrify" you can tell this isn't just fun and games.

Think aggressive AFX taken the next level.

Drop the mimimalist posturing and pick up Doll Doll Doll. This inspired release will remember why you started listening to electronic music in the first place.