Von Thronstahl ‎– Return Your Revolt Into Style

Trutzburg Thule ‎– TRUTZCD007
CD, Album, Remastered
CD, Compilation

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1-1 Von Thronstahl Sirenade 3:10
1-2 Von Thronstahl Polar-Expedition 4:28
1-3 Von Thronstahl Aufstand / Riot 1:22
1-4 Von Thronstahl Rücke Vor Bis Zur Schlossallee 6:26
1-5 Von Thronstahl Re-Turn Your Revolt Into Style 4:14
1-6 Von Thronstahl Rhein-Gold (Impression) 1:26
1-7 Von Thronstahl Mutter Der Schmerzen 2:45
1-8 Von Thronstahl Hey Ho, Spann Den Wagen An 3:37
1-9 Von Thronstahl Brechen Muss Der Schwarze Bann 4:59
1-10 Von Thronstahl Star-Wars, Stripes & Pyramides 5:57
1-11 Von Thronstahl Radio Free Europe 2:51
1-12 Von Thronstahl Babylon The Great Has Fallen 33:23
Bonus CD
2-1 Von Thronstahl Europa Calling (George Forestier Poem Version) 4:07
2-2 Von Thronstahl Brechen Muss Der Schwarze Bann (Todbereitschafts-Version) 4:26
2-3 Von Thronstahl Little Black Angel
Composed By [Original] – Death In JuneFeaturing – Seetha
2-4 Von Thronstahl Germanium Metallicum (Befreiungs-Mix) 6:04
2-5 Von Thronstahl Wider Die Masse (Gitarren-Mix) 5:01
2-6 Von Thronstahl Bellum Sacrum Bellum (Krieg & Wahrheit Mix) 3:56
2-7 Acylum Torture Tactics (Remix By Von Thronstahl)
Remix – Von Thronstahl
2-8 Von Thronstahl Rücke Vor Bis Zur Schlossallee (Mountain King Mix) 5:13
2-9 Von Thronstahl Junge Wilde Tiere (Early Version) 4:55
2-10 Von Thronstahl With The Sound Of The Drums (Early Version) 5:20
2-11 Von Thronstahl Beauty Of Life & Eternal War (Fragment) 1:26
2-12 Von Thronstahl Let The World With The Sun Go Down (Early Version) 4:08
2-13 Von Thronstahl Northern Sons Under Southern Skies (Cover By Acylum)
Remix – Acylum
2-14 Von Thronstahl Hochdeutsche Liebschaft (Collaboration With Immune System)
Featuring – Immune System (4)
2-15 Von Thronstahl Deutsche Passion (Untermalte Volltextversion) 8:06



Digitally remastered, redesigned in an 8-page digipak encased in a gold-printed slipcase.

Includes a second bonus CD packed with rare remixes, versions and previously unreleased tracks.



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9. September 2010
geändert over 9 years ago

The second edition is by far superior to the first so now you have the chance, get it while you can. This album is the more ambient like from all Von Thronstahl's collection, this is their try on military atmosphere with a clearly and incisive critic on European establishment & against the politics of imported democratic-capitalism from the US. There is a whole speech in that regard in track "Star-Wars, Stripes & Pyramides" which was adorned with -at the time- coolest sounds that VT had the ability to manipulate on the samplers. First CD its a bit improved from the original one, the sound its more clear and sharpy as well as enhanced the details on certain parts and added some others where it lacked strength or dept as the sound from the first edition was so flat,insipid and recurrent. In this version theres more variety and force. This first CD its the more atmospheric one, using a lot of samplers and live recordings that float amidst a maremagnum of snare drum marches, tumults from armies marching adorned with brushes from classical loops, assorted samplers and folky melodies. The second CD its the enhancer of the whole set, its a set of rarities that comprehend VT remixes going a bit Electro even though preserving the militar tonality, remakes such as "Little black angel" & a bit more of the military ambient with kitsch nationalism poetics such as "Deutsche passion" which the album concludes with. Its a good album, saves its arse, at times it may be too repetitive in its ambient efforts and some of the recurrent lyricism but it manage to balance well in the end with further additions and the mix of strong melodies with heart pumping marches.