Ya Ho Wha 13


US experimental psychedelic rock band founded by Jim Baker (3), AKA Father Yod or Ya Ho Wha, in Los Angeles, California. Baker was the leader of the Source Family, a spiritual commune based in a Hollywood Hills mansion, which centered around his vegetarian restaurant The Source, located on the Sunset Strip. In 1973 the group began self-releasing limited pressings of their jam sessions on their label Higher Key Records. , , MySpace ,
Aliasse:Children Of The Sixth Root Race, Father Yod And The Spirit Of '76, Fire, Water, Air, Yodship
Mitglieder:Ahom Aquarian, Djin Aquarian, Jim Baker (3), Octavius Aquarian, Pythias Aquarian, Richard Marsh (2), Sunflower Aquarian, Zinuru Aquarian
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