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Klaus Schulze
Born August 4th 1947 in Berlin, is a german electronic pioneer, composter and musician. Schulze initially made his mark as a drummer, first with the group Psy Free, later with Tangerine Dream (he played on their first album "Electronic Meditation" before he quit) and Ash Ra Tempel (with Manuel Göttsching). In 1971 Schulze started a solo career as an electronic musician and released a couple of heavily experimental albums, "Irrlicht" and "Cyborg". 1973's "Cyborg" was the first release where he used a "real" synthesizer, the legendary VCS 3 and later in the 70's he would record albums such as "Moondawn", "Mirage" and "X" and embark on several tours, documented across a number of live albums.

In 1978 he set up the label Innovative Communication and the following year he also launched the pseudonym/project Richard Wahnfried. In the 1980's Schulze continued his hectic release schedule as well as recording several soundtracks and rebuilding his studio (he "went digital" in 1986). In summer 1983 Klaus Schulze 'sold' Innovative Communication.

In the 1990's Schulze recorded several electronic interpretations of works by classical composers (most notably Wagner) as well as collaborating with opera singers and other classical music performers on his own albums. He also started collaborating with German ambient/techno artist Pete Namlook in the series "The Dark Side Of The Moog" on the latter's Fax label, and steered the Wahnfried project into a more modern techno- and trance-inspired direction.


OMM 556.022 Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Irrlicht (Album) Ohr OMM 556.022 Germany 1972 Diese Version verkaufen
ISAK 9005 Klaus Schulze - Cyborg Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Cyborg (Album) Kosmische Musik ISAK 9005 France 1973 Diese Version verkaufen
L 35295 Klaus Schulze - Blackdance Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Blackdance (Album) Brain, Brain, Metronome L 35295 Australia 1974 Diese Version verkaufen
840.088/089, OHR 840.088/089 Klaus Schulze - Starring In Tarot Cover-Design Klaus Schulze, Manuel Goettsching*, Jerry Berkers, Juergen Dollase*, Harald Grosskopf, Hartmut Enke, Walter Westrupp & Walter Wegmüller Klaus Schulze, Manuel Goettsching*, Jerry Berkers, Juergen Dollase*, Harald Grosskopf, Hartmut Enke, Walter Westrupp & Walter Wegmüller - Starring In Tarot (Album) Cosmic Music (2), Cosmic Music (2) 840.088/089, OHR 840.088/089 France 1975 Diese Version verkaufen
840.060 Klaus Schulze - The Cosmic Jokers Cover-Design The Cosmic Jokers Featuring Klaus Schulze The Cosmic Jokers Featuring Klaus Schulze - The Cosmic Jokers(LP, Album, Quad) Cosmic Music (2) 840.060 France 1975 Diese Version verkaufen
CA 2006, CA2006 Klaus Schulze - Timewind Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Timewind (Album) Brain, Brain CA 2006, CA2006 UK 1975 Diese Version verkaufen
BRAIN 1067, brain 1067 Klaus Schulze - Picture Music Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Picture Music (Album) Brain, Brain BRAIN 1067, brain 1067 Germany 1975 Diese Version verkaufen
Pld. SQ 6061 Klaus Schulze - Lord Krishna Von Goloka Cover-Design S.Golowin* - J.Berkers* - J.Dollase* - J.Mierke* - K.Schulze* - W.Westrupp* - B.Witthüser* S.Golowin* - J.Berkers* - J.Dollase* - J.Mierke* - K.Schulze* - W.Westrupp* - B.Witthüser* - Lord Krishna Von Goloka(LP, Quad) PDU Pld. SQ 6061 Italy 1976 Diese Version verkaufen
Pld.SQ 6041, Pld. SQ 6041 Klaus Schulze - Join Inn Cover-Design Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel - Join Inn (Album) PDU, PDU Pld.SQ 6041, Pld. SQ 6041 Italy 1976 Diese Version verkaufen
ISL J5A 10, J5A 10 Klaus Schulze - Go!... Live From Paris Cover-Design Stomu Yamashta* / Steve Winwood / Klaus Schulze / Michael Shrieve / Al Di Meola Stomu Yamashta* / Steve Winwood / Klaus Schulze / Michael Shrieve / Al Di Meola - Go!... Live From Paris (Album) Island Records, Island Records ISL J5A 10, J5A 10 US 1976 Diese Version verkaufen
Pld.SQ 6042, TLD SQ 6042 Klaus Schulze - Galactic Supermarket Cover-Design Klaus Schulze & Cosmic Jokers* Klaus Schulze & Cosmic Jokers* - Galactic Supermarket(LP, Album, Quad) PDU, PDU Pld.SQ 6042, TLD SQ 6042 Italy 1976 Diese Version verkaufen
BRAIN 1088, 1088 Klaus Schulze - Moondawn Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Moondawn (Album) Brain, Brain BRAIN 1088, 1088 Germany 1976 Diese Version verkaufen
ILPS 19510 Klaus Schulze - Body Love Vol.2 Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Body Love Vol.2 (Album) Brain ILPS 19510 Italy 1977 Diese Version verkaufen
0060.047, 60.047 Klaus Schulze - Body Love (Originalmusik) Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Body Love (Originalmusik) (Album) Metronome 0060.047, 60.047 Germany 1977 Diese Version verkaufen
ILPS 9461 Klaus Schulze - Mirage Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Mirage (Album) Brain ILPS 9461 UK 1977 Diese Version verkaufen
0080.023-2, 0080.023 Klaus Schulze - "X" Cover-Design Klaus Schulze "X" (Album) Brain, Brain 0080.023-2, 0080.023 Germany 1978 Diese Version verkaufen
0060.225 Klaus Schulze - Dune Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Dune (Album) Brain 0060.225 Germany 1979 Diese Version verkaufen
0680.048 Klaus Schulze - ...Live... Cover-Design Klaus Schulze ...Live... (Album) Brain, Brain 0680.048 Germany 1980 Diese Version verkaufen
none Klaus Schulze - Dig It Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Dig It (Album) Brain none Germany 1980 Diese Version verkaufen
KS 81 014 Klaus Schulze - Trancefer Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Trancefer (Album) Innovative Communication, Innovative Communication KS 81 014 Germany 1981 Diese Version verkaufen
CK 488, CK 489 Klaus Schulze - Dziękuję Poland (Live '83) Cover-Design Klaus Schulze & Rainer Bloss Klaus Schulze & Rainer Bloss - Dziękuję Poland (Live '83) (Album) Innovative Communication CK 488, CK 489 Poland 1983 Diese Version verkaufen
KS 80025-26 Klaus Schulze - Audentity Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Audentity (Album) Innovative Communication, Innovative Communication KS 80025-26 Italy 1983 Diese Version verkaufen
0421-347466 Klaus Schulze - Der Deutsche E-Musiker Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Der Deutsche E-Musiker(LP, Ltd) Verlag Innovation Design 0421-347466 Germany 1983 Diese Version verkaufen
ID 20.003 Klaus Schulze - Angst Cover-Design Klaus Schulze Angst (Album) Inteam GmbH ID 20.003 Germany 1984 Diese Version verkaufen
FOR 023 Klaus Schulze - Transfer Station Blue Cover-Design Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus Schulze Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus Schulze - Transfer Station Blue (Album) Fortuna Records FOR 023 US 1984 Diese Version verkaufen

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13. November 2019
ITS grande artista!!!!! LOVE Music schooll Berlín!!! THANK YOU FOR Music electrónico!!!!


16. August 2019
Oh man, this is Klaus Schulze for God's sake! He is the greatest artist of our time!


10. Februar 2019
I agree that Schulze is highly overrated. He is a percussionist and I acknowledge his influence in that regard with his electronic implementations of it. But musically, his notes are the same repetitive generic 'spooky' progressions throughout his work. I do happen to like Moondawn and Kontinuum in spite of this, and I think that Moondawn probably had an influence on Kraftwerk in terms of certain electronic sounds and rhythms, but in terms of chordal arrangements, Schulze is not even in the conversation in the German scene. He does not actually compose music in the sense that Edgar Froese, Florian Fricke and Manuel Göttsching do/did. And it is very refreshing to find someone with whom I agree on this. When you strip away the electronica and the percussion/rhythm and are left with merely the musical notes, Schulze comes up seriously wanting at best. Incidentally, one of the most ridiculous rankings I have ever seen is FACT Magazine placing Moondawn at #2 and Tangerine Dream's Phaedra at #49, not to mention all the other marvelous albums that show up in their ranking. Overrated indeed!!


20. Juni 2018
geändert over 3 years ago
Klaus Schulze is genius and wizard of electronic music. To explore his works is an interesting quest. As he used to say in the first 10 minutes of his composotions he creates his listener and only after that the interesting things are starting. So you have to be thoughtful listener and his music will work for you. Sometimes it works from the second or from the third, fourth listening. If it doesn't - simply try other album. Klaus Schulze recorded a lot of them. "Mirage", "Timewind", "Body Love", "Dune" (with Arthur Brown), "X", "Dig It", "Kontinuum" - long imaginary landscapes of thoughts and rhythms. "Freindship", "In Blue" are collaborations with Manuel Göttsching (Ashra). And by the way don't forget to listen to the albums by Ash Ra Tempel. And it's different music. "Farscape", "Rheingold", "Big in Europe" are albums with completely improvised singing by Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) - and it's other kind of music. Light relaxing comfortable chill-out music of "Cocooning" and "Privée" (Contemporary Works). And it's not all turns on his artistic way. Even not the half of all turns. You should be prepared for disilussions (what's to like here?) and for the openings (wow!). His works wouldn't remind you of the style of other wizards of classical electronic music from the 70's 80's - Jarre, Vangelis, Michel Huygen (Neuronium), Zanov. It's different approach. He is a kind of Columbus who tried to open way to India and China but instead of it he find the way to different interesting and strange places. And you will follow him in his expeditions. Start to listen with "Crystal Lake" from "Mirage" - this music is keeping the secret of life and death.


4. Mai 2018
completely agree with "ttooyyss". Klaus Schulze = most overrated artist musicwise.
the same, uninspired chords, melodies all over.


6. Januar 2018
The pressing quality and the sound of the 2017 releases are good, but the reproduction of the cover artwork are bad and in the case of "irrlicht" it´s just the cover of the 2nd release from the 70´s and not the artwork from the 1st press. The pictures are blurred and pixelated. The good thing are the download card. But i think, it´s a lost chance to re-release a lot of magnificent albums from the legenday Klaus Schulze.


30. November 2017
I own hundreds of synth cds and I to little Willie John find a lot of it cheesy .I listen to all sorts of music, bowie to zappa , singer song writers and em .but I always return to schulze don't know what it is but know one does what he does better and yes he has produced some tosh but so have all the others , I think a lot of people don't get schulze because he doesn't play "tunes" but I think that's the main thing people who follow him love about him . For me the down side of him is watching him play live just seems to hold down a chord and just building up to a solo .but you can't have everything


17. März 2016
mhiraldo, we are obviously dealing with questions of taste here. For example, I consider much of Vangelis' and Tomita's work to be quite cheesy, but Schulze' big detractor on this thread seems to think that these people are superior to Schulze in every way.

I dislike categorical pronouncements of any sort, and I think that Schulze's chief fault (aided and abetted by his manager Klaus Mueller) is his inability to edit himself. Consequently, there's a lot of Schulze material available which is extremely boring and predictable -- like (as several critics have observed) he has flipped the automatic pilot switch. But then again, I find his best work, early and recent, to be exquisitely beautiful. So for the less than serious Schulze listener, it can be a question of what he/she has been exposed to.


27. Oktober 2015
Thank you Klaus Schulze for your inspiring work. I am a huge fan here in the US and always discovering new and amazing things in your music. Being a Richard Wagner fan, I can feel the influence in your music in the epic qualities portrayed therein. I look forward to listening to more of your work, as it has inspired my own art and writing. Best of luck to you :)


16. Juni 2015
Klaus Schulze is a phenomenon. Just listen to his debut IRRLICHT - without any Synthesizer he created everything known today as "ambient" or "drone". Long before Brian Eno even thought about such soundscapes. Schulze made his mark all along the Electronic Music timeline, call it Berlin School, Ambient, Trance or Chillout. Tell me anyone, who "invented" a "new" electronic style...I name you an even earlier Schulze album with that music already explored.
For those about to discuss KS and his magnificent music, join us on Facebook: Deutsches Klaus Schulze Forum (don't mind the "Deutsches", we are international though) ;-)

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