Torsten Stenzel

Bürgerl. Name:Thorsten Michael Walter Stenzel

German composer, songwriter and producer since 1990. Owner and manager of Planet Love Records, Planet Love Classics, Planet Chill Records, Chica Discos, Offshore Music Ltd., English Harbour Recordings and Moonshine Music (7). Founder of Liquid Rec. and 7th Sense Records, the label he ownes with DJ Shog. Torsten has worked with Mike Oldfield, Moby, Faithless, Chris Rea, Jamiroquai, Tina Turner, Nelly Furtado, ATB etc...
He moved to Antigua in 2007 and has his studio there too. He is the creator of artists such as DJ Tatana, DJ Sakin & Friends, Taucher, DJ Mind-X, and main project - York. Furthermore co-producer on hits for renowned electronic artist such as: Kai Tracid - Liquid Skies, Ayla - Ayla Part II, Dave 202 - Believe In Love (Official Street Parade Anthem 99'), DJ Sakin & Friends - Protect Your Mind (Braveheart) etc.

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Aliasse:Ace (4), Charly Massive, DJ Scream, Ethno Worlds, Headbanger, Jack Daniels, Joint Brothers, Kill The Cat, Liquid Is Liquid, One Man Ahead, Savannam, Slide (4), Superlounger, Suspicious, Syntetic Sector, T.C.P., Teschnozabel, The Prophet (16), Unter Null (2), Watermen
Gruppen:2 Men Ahead, A-N-A, African Twins, Aggregat, Amedeo, Andy Warhole, Best Company, Big T, Blue Marlin, Boss (20), Buzz & Ace, Charamel, Chill, Chilly Mary, Citizens Of Rave City, ClapHeads, Club De Hippica, Cyber Junkies, Dark 99, Diamond & Pearl (2)
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