Klaus Voormann

Real Name:Klaus Otto Wilhelm Voormann

German multi-instrumentalist musician, graphic designer, illustrator and producer, born 29 April 1938 in Berlin, Germany.
He moved to London in the early 1960s. Gibson Kemp asked him to join his band The Eyes (3) as their bassist. The band performed at the Star-Club Hamburg in 1963 where it was rechristened to Paddy, Klaus & Gibson. In 1965, he returned to London. He was the bassist & flutist for Manfred Mann from 1966 to 1969. After that, he became a session musician. He then became a member of The Plastic Ono Band.
He designed the cover of The Beatles' album "Revolver", for which he won a Grammy Award, and Bee Gees' "The Bee Gees 1st".
He produced Trio's first album.
Married to Christina Harrison (his second wife). , Facebook , Facebook , Facebook , X , Instagram , Facebook , , , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , , , , , Imdb ,
Aliases:Mara Gibb
In Groups:George's Band, Manfred Mann, Paddy, Klaus & Gibson, The Blue Sounds Inc., The Eyes (3), The Plastic Ono Band, Voormann & Friends
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