Lee Holman


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PP011 Lee Holman - Circuit EP Cover-Design Lee Holman Circuit EP (EP) Prosthetic Pressings PP011 US 2008
FER-202 Lee Holman - Phonetics EP Cover-Design Lee Holman Phonetics EP(12", EP) Ferox Records FER-202 UK 2008 Diese Version verkaufen
MOW-002 Lee Holman - Travelling EP Cover-Design Lee Holman Travelling EP(12", EP, Ltd, Red) Mowar MOW-002 Belgium 2008 Diese Version verkaufen
FERDL05 Dave Anderson (7) & Lee Holman Dave Anderson (7) & Lee Holman - Preview EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Ferox Records FERDL05 UK 2008
SR004 Lee Holman Exploration EP Remixes(EP, MP3) Static Not Japan SR004 Ireland 2008
HOME 003 Lee Holman - Project EP Cover-Design Lee Holman / Martin Mueller Lee Holman / Martin Mueller - Project EP(12", S/Sided, EP, Ltd, Blu) Home Recordings (4) HOME 003 Austria 2009 Diese Version verkaufen
SNAP_009 Lee Holman - Seeker EP Cover-Design Lee Holman Seeker EP(12", EP) Snapshot Records (2) SNAP_009 UK 2010 Diese Version verkaufen
KAWL001 Lee Holman - 1st Kawl EP Cover-Design Lee Holman 1st Kawl EP(12", EP) Kawl KAWL001 Ireland 2010 Diese Version verkaufen
ORG007 Lee Holman - Innermost EP Cover-Design Lee Holman Innermost EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Organica Music Labworks ORG007 Spain 2010
KAWL-002 Lee Holman - 2nd Kawl EP Cover-Design Lee Holman 2nd Kawl EP(12", EP) Kawl KAWL-002 Ireland 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
KAWL-004 Lee Holman - 4th Kawl EP Cover-Design Lee Holman 4th Kawl EP(12", EP) Kawl KAWL-004 Ireland 2012 Diese Version verkaufen
KAWL-003 Lee Holman - 3rd Kawl EP Cover-Design Lee Holman 3rd Kawl EP(12", EP) Kawl KAWL-003 Ireland 2012 Diese Version verkaufen
KAWL-005 Lee Holman - 5th Kawl EP Cover-Design Lee Holman 5th Kawl EP(12", EP) Kawl KAWL-005 Ireland 2013 Diese Version verkaufen
BIRTH001, Ep 01 Lee Holman - The Forgotten EP Cover-Design Lee Holman The Forgotten EP(12", EP, Ltd, Die) Birth (3), Birth (3) BIRTH001, Ep 01 Italy 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
GR005 Lee Holman - Pluralism Cover-Design Lee Holman Pluralism(12") Graphene GR005 Germany 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
CLFTREC009 Lee Holman - Enclave Cover-Design Lee Holman Enclave(12", EP) CLFT CLFTREC009 France 2015 Diese Version verkaufen
ASG/OR014V Lee Holman - Resistance EP Cover-Design Binny (2) + Lee Holman Binny (2) + Lee Holman - Resistance EP(12", EP) Orbis Records ASG/OR014V Belgium 2016 Diese Version verkaufen
RWXS006 Lee Holman - One Man Army Cover-Design Lee Holman One Man Army(12", EP) Raw Waxes RWXS006 Italy 2016 Diese Version verkaufen
AE303 Lee Holman - Split E.P. Cover-Design Opuswerk / Lee Holman Opuswerk / Lee Holman - Split E.P.(12", EP) Another Earth AE303 Netherlands 2017 Diese Version verkaufen
RWXS 008 Lee Holman One Man Army Remixes(12", EP) Raw Waxes RWXS 008 Italy 2017 Diese Version verkaufen
DMT 015 Lee Holman - Provider E.P. Cover-Design Lee Holman Provider E.P.(12", EP) Decision Making Theory DMT 015 France 2018 Diese Version verkaufen
Knotweed Records 034 Lee Holman - Class Warfare E.P. Cover-Design Lee Holman Class Warfare E.P.(12", EP) Knotweed Records Knotweed Records 034 France 2019 Diese Version verkaufen
SCSS1 Lee Holman - Singularity 1 Cover-Design Lee Holman Singularity 1(12", EP) Science Cult SCSS1 US 2021 Diese Version verkaufen
shavin003 Lee Holman - Agent Of The Underground Part 1 Cover-Design Lee Holman Agent Of The Underground Part 1(12") Shaded Music shavin003 Lithuania 2021 Diese Version verkaufen
Knotweed Records 047 Lee Holman - Advanced Technology Cover-Design Lee Holman Advanced Technology(12", EP) Knotweed Records Knotweed Records 047 France 2022 Diese Version verkaufen


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14. Mai 2015
Lee Holman stands for the very essence of electronic music. He is unique with his own style. Every track he makes is a new journey for the listener. His music is incredibly deep and always makes the listener feel good. I have been following Lee since the early days of Camolin. He has been leading the Irish Techno scene in Ireland, R.E.S.P.E.C.T!!

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