Type O Negative AlgorithmicWreckords

21. Juni 2019
Box Set... Bull Moose... No Tax for most and free shipping]:-)>

Type O Negative muzicpainter

21. Juni 2019
Run Out Groove, by suprise, put up pre-orders for the None More Negative vinyl box set today $199 plus shipping if your order it from Roadrunner Records, and $199 free shipping if you order it from Run Out Groove. Limited to 5000 copies, all the same black and green wax that was used for the RSD Bloody Kisses Release. Go get up! Just got my copy \m/

Type O Negative vinylhoundjosh

27. November 2018
Hoping to see an October Rust vinyl release soon, hopefully on plain black wax too

Type O Negative wildsam6o

21. Juni 2019
Reissue of Non More Negative announced today over at Run Out Groove vinyl

$199.99 not bad.... and only $12.99 shipping if (like me) you are based in the UK

Type O Negative Polyinstrumentalism

28. November 2018
Could go for an expanded version with "Paranoid" included too (recorded in 1994 but in the Johnny Kelly-era so it would work - it has the same production feel as October Rust as well).

Type O Negative lovies

30. Januar 2017
I first heard this band on a local college radio station some 20 years ago. They kept playing "Are You Afraid?" every Friday night and I was hooked. I found out it was Type O after calling the radio station. They've been my favorite band ever since. They're timeless and I'm still heartbroken over the death of Pete. So glad I got to see them play twice before his passing. Never will be another like them or him. ♥

Type O Negative nagyphilip

20. November 2016
Hey i agree. First album remains my favorite. RIP Sir Lord Petrus Steele!!

Type O Negative SethLion84

18. Oktober 2015
Doomy, politically incorrect, grippingly erotic, heavy as sin, black as a crows feather.

Type O Negative zombieboy

10. Oktober 2013
Type O Negative is the number 1 metal band i admire. Their music is not like any other heavy metal artists, they have their own sound. They are amazing!!! R.I.P. Peter S.