No Fucker


D-beat punk band from Utica, New York.

After the dissolution of their previous hardcore/punkband Deathbag, JJ and Johnny decided to start a new Discharge worship band, with the idea that they would never release vinyl records. The band members decided they didn't want to adopt the "Dis" band name like other bands, and instead dubbed their new band No Fucker. The name was still Discharge-inspired, as it had been taken from the notes on their legendary first EP, Realities Of War... "Thanks to no fucker". Name in place, No Fucker promptly released a pair of demo cassette tapes.

By 2004, the "no vinyl records" rule fell by the wayside, as two split EPs with Japanese D-beat noise punk idols Disclose materialized, along with a few dates supporting them on their brief West Coast U.S. tour. This tour gave the band a chance to get folks outside of New York state to start paying attention to a band that, at the time, seemed at the time like a well-kept East Coast secret. Despite seemingly being in the right place at the right time, and being better than many of the more hyped bands, No Fucker didn’t gain the plaudits of their Japanese brethren. After a few hurrahs on the Disclose tour, they headed back to Utica, and began work on what would become their first two EP releases. These also proved to be their final two releases.

Members:JJ (18), Johnny Underage


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