Marshall Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg (born October 6, 1934, Canton, Ohio, USA – died February 7, 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) was an American psychologist, developed Nonviolent Communication, a communication process that "helps people to exchange the information necessary to resolve conflicts and differences peacefully".


MK67-474 Al Chapelle, Marshall Rosenberg, Steve Mote Al Chapelle, Marshall Rosenberg, Steve Mote - From Now On...(LP) Community Psychological Consultants MK67-474 US 1976 Diese Version verkaufen
MK77-594 Marshall Rosenberg Where The Hell Does The Energy Come?(LP) Community Psychological Consultants MK77-594 US 1977 Diese Version verkaufen


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29. August 2010
Not sure this is the same guy, but Marshall Rosenberg is a famous psychologist who started the Center for Non Violent Communication.

I wouldn't suspect it could be the same person but I have a 1977 record of songs by Marshall Rosenberg pressed by some Community Psychological Consultants, Inc. called "Where The Hell Does The Energy Come From?" that has to be the same guy as the CNVC guy. So it doesn't seem that unlikely he could have been hanging out with Barry Mannolow around that time playing percussion on a performance of his.