Claas Reimer

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Claas Reimer
Claas Reimer from Düsseldorf is inspired by Science Fiction, Jazz and grooving beats producing Techno, Tech House, Electro as well as Downbeat and Electronica. His style is stilistically flexible from filigree minimal up to energetic rave sound. Since 2011 he is also running his own imprint CLSRM Digital. Also his music appeared in movies as well as advertisings and films from several brands and institutions. He also runs the project Max Peak which is more focusing on Breaks, Techbreaks, Electrobreaks and Drum & Bass.
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CLSRM002 Claas Reimer - Dreamz Cover-Design Claas Reimer Dreamz (MiniAlbum) CLSRM Digital CLSRM002 Germany 2012
CLSRM010 Claas Reimer - Collaborations Cover-Design Claas Reimer, Carsten Sommer Claas Reimer, Carsten Sommer - Collaborations (MiniAlbum) CLSRM Digital CLSRM010 Germany 2019
CLSRM012 Claas Reimer - Heartbeat Cover-Design Claas Reimer Heartbeat (Album) CLSRM Digital CLSRM012 Germany 2020

Singles & EPs

NRR 043 Claas Reimer - Reagenzclaas Cover-Design Claas Reimer Reagenzclaas(12") No Respect Records NRR 043 Germany 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
IMP 026 Claas Reimer - Up 2 Full Speed Cover-Design Claas Reimer Up 2 Full Speed Important Records IMP 026 Germany 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
BASS003 Claas Reimer - Bad Ass EP Cover-Design Claas Reimer Bad Ass EP(12", EP) Basstard Records (2) BASS003 Germany 2006 Diese Version verkaufen
BASS003 Claas Reimer - Bad Ass Cover-Design Claas Reimer Bad Ass(File, WAV, Single) Basstard Records (2) BASS003 Germany 2006
CLSRM001 Claas Reimer - Nevermind Cover-Design Claas Reimer Nevermind (EP) CLSRM Digital CLSRM001 Germany 2011
CLSRM003 Claas Reimer - Overload Cover-Design Claas Reimer Overload (EP) CLSRM Digital CLSRM003 Germany 2012
CLSRM004 Claas Reimer - Addicted Cover-Design Claas Reimer Addicted (EP) CLSRM Digital CLSRM004 Germany 2013
CLSRM007 Claas Reimer - Autopilot Cover-Design Claas Reimer Autopilot (EP) CLSRM Digital CLSRM007 Germany 2016
CLSRM009 Claas Reimer - Resonance Cover-Design Claas Reimer Resonance (EP) CLSRM Digital CLSRM009 Germany 2018
DPR061 Claas Reimer - Magellan Cover-Design Claas Reimer Magellan (EP) Digital Paradox Records DPR061 Czech Republic & Slovakia 2020


CLSRM006 Claas Reimer - CLSRM Digital R3MIX3D Cover-Design Claas Reimer CLSRM Digital R3MIX3D (Comp) CLSRM Digital CLSRM006 Germany 2015
CLSRM011 Claas Reimer - Back From The Vault Cover-Design Claas Reimer Back From The Vault (Comp) CLSRM Digital CLSRM011 Germany 2020


VIMBREAKS043 Claas Reimer - Swing Fan / Lift Off Cover-Design Claas Reimer Swing Fan / Lift Off(6xFile, MP3, 320) VIM Records VIMBREAKS043 Greece 2010
VIMBREAKS129 Claas Reimer - Get You / Hijack Cover-Design Claas Reimer Get You / Hijack(5xFile, WAV) VIM Records VIMBREAKS129 Greece 2011
CLSRMFREE001 Claas Reimer - Aus Die Maus Cover-Design Claas Reimer Aus Die Maus(DVD-V + Blu-ray + File, MP3, Promo, 320 + File, AI) CLSRM Digital CLSRMFREE001 Germany 2013 Diese Version verkaufen