Kylie Minogue Spinecrawler

23. Juni 2019
geändert about 1 month ago
her failer with this album (Golden), simply put is with its producer/s not a clear direction really,and/or strong song structure;If she truly wanted to make a hybrid album of country dance fusion and or club country than golden should of had more qualified producers (i.e Mutt Lange or even Dan Huff.)If kylie had moved in a direction of country disco that of the late seventies,early eighties (i.e barbra mandrell/sylvia/T.G sheppard)I believe it might of worked,especially with a generation not knowing it.Lilly allen had the right idea with her Canadian hit (it's not fair),very much in the country disco/urban country genre.Madonna if only had this hot potato of an idea in the early 2000s (don't tell me);imagine don't tell me as a urban country/disco country hit during discos and dances resurgence of the late 90s early 2000s

Kylie Minogue harmedy

7. August 2019
Dancing is easily one of her greatest songs. It's one of her best albums

Kylie Minogue jcp1959

28. Juni 2019
I'd hardly call a number one album with nearly 150,000 sales a 'failure' to be honest....

Kylie Minogue paulbradley3305

12. Februar 2015
kylie fans will like her debut single. two songs were done before her SAW days. the australian mixes of locomotion.SAW mixed it for the UK and called it loco-motion. ausralian mixes include chugga.motion and boy meets girl. the australian release has a non SAW song called "glad to be alive",this was written by ex-members of aussie new wave group"kids in the kitchen".

Kylie Minogue euromania

15. März 2016
There was another song. The SAW written Getting Closer was also recorded before working with them directly, and was also produced by Duffy.

Kylie Minogue beauschoen

13. Juli 2014
The number of fake "promos" listed on here by a handful of sellers who sell them for tens of dollars is irritating. Beware "promo" CDRs that conveniently have all the remixes listed. Check around the web before you buy to spot the fakes.

Kylie Minogue DiscoBillyC

9. Mai 2014
Big fan here, even since her SAW/PWL days in the late 80s...her Light Years, Fever & Aphrodite albums are dance pop classics. Girl has got it goin' on!

Kylie Minogue luckys1

9. April 2014
geändert over 5 years ago
I've been collecting Kylie music from 1987 and I've only just discovered this place!!!!!!!!!! Love it :)

Kylie Minogue as reviewed by hambone

27. September 2004
geändert over 14 years ago
Who ever thought that after that odious collaboration LP with M-People,and others for Deconstruction (they practically ruined her)...she'd bounced back giving musical lessons left-right-&-centre to anyone who stands in her way, as well lessons in how to behave as a pop-star and who one should surround themselves with...Madonna and Britney Spears and their like, can all take note of how things should be done. Understandly she won't get too much airplay in the USA, cos' if she did what would become of Christina Aguilera, and all those r'n'b wannabes that the states is so full of...Body Language is not only a great pop record, it packs a punch and is full of wonderful collaborations. It could be the final nail in the coffin for artists like Mariah Carey, Prince, Whitney Houston etc who have somehow all lost their ways along those egomaniac roads they were travelling down - cos' Kylie on this album takes on all of them and at their own game without as much as batting an eyelash - and succeeds where they have failed, to arouse excitement and bring fun back into pop. Kylie please just stay way from the L.A. scene, and all those Puff Daddy's of the world but any remix by Mark Picchiotti, Roger Sanchez, Superchumbo etc is greatly appreciated...

Kylie Minogue avishai

27. März 2018
geändert about 1 year ago
The true secret to Kylie's longevity, critical and (sometimes) commercial success is her willingness to experiment, take a risk, and occasionally "fail."

Kylie Minogue deep_honey

11. April 2016
Indeed the 1994 "Kylie Minogue" album was just reissued as a heavyweight vinyl and is absolutely LUSH. Between that and "Impossible Princess" the Deconstruction period produced some of her best and most artistic material. I daresay without Decon and the collaborative work she was doing at the time (between Nick Cave and the many new producers for the albums), she would not be the multi-dimensional artist she's known as today (though if she keeps putting out more "classic Kylie" albums we may reach that point anyway). Commercially, sure, they almost sunk her, but Light Years wouldn't have existed without the experimentation and record label farewell that came before it and relit her fire.

Kylie Minogue Bergson

16. Dezember 2015
To reply 11 years later...The Deconstruction years produced some of her finest output. Tracks such as "Where Is The Feeling," "Where Has The Love Gone," and "Falling" have stood the test of time. Even that "odious collaboration LP with M-People" is quite good.