The Thermals


American punk/indie rock band formed in 2002 and based in Portland, Oregon.
Disbanded in April 2018.

Hutch Harris wrote and recorded the first The Thermals record, More Parts per Million, in the kitchen of his one-bedroom house in Southeast Portland in early 2002. Sub Pop heard the recording via Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service, and signed The Thermals to a three-record contract when the band was less than six months old. The original live line-up consisted of Hutch Harris on lead vocals, Kathy Foster (2) on bass, Ben Barnett (2) on guitar, and Jordan Hudson on drums. Ben Barnett (2) departed the band soon after More Parts per Million, and The Thermals became a three-piece.

Line-up (2018):
Hutch Harris – vocals, guitar (2002–2018)
Kathy Foster (2) – bass, vocals (2002–2018)
Westin Glass – drums, vocals (2008–2018)

Past members:
Jordan Hudson – drums (2002–2005)
Caitlin Love – drums (2006)
Lorin Coleman – drums (2007–2008)
Ben Barnett (2) – guitar (2002–2003)
Joel Burrows – guitar (2007) , X , Facebook , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Ben Barnett (2), Caitlin Love, Hutch Harris, Jordan Hudson, Kathy Foster (2), Lorin Coleman, Westin Glass
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