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Rudy Ratzinger
:Wumpscut: alias Rudy Ratzinger is a German Electro-Industrial artist who started writing own music after he DJed for a while in several south German clubs and was impressed by his archetype Leæther Strip.
:Wumpscut: is a studio only project, there were some rumors about live appearences in the past, but every time it was just a hoax.
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:wumpscut: -Diskographie Tracks


:wumpscut: Defcon (Album) Æ Germany 1991 Diese Version verkaufen
Æ ØØ1 :wumpscut: Small Chambermusicians(Cass, Album, Ltd) Æ Æ ØØ1 Germany 1991 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Music For A Slaughtering Tribe (Album) VUZ Records Germany 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
:Wumpscut: Bunkertor 7 (Album, Comp) Beton Kopf Media Germany 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
bkm etah 02a :wumpscut: Preferential Legacy(LP, Album, Ltd, Cle) Beton Kopf Media bkm etah 02a Germany 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Embryodead (Album) Beton Kopf Media, Beton Kopf Media Germany 1997 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Boeses Junges Fleisch (Album) Beton Kopf Media, Beton Kopf Media Germany 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Wreath Of Barbs (Album, Maxi) Beton Kopf Media Germany 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Bone Peeler (Album) Beton Kopf Media Germany 2004 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Evoke (Album, Single) Beton Kopf Media Germany 2005 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Cannibal Anthem (Album) Beton Kopf Media Germany 2006 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Body Census (Album) Beton Kopf Media Germany 2007 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Schädling (Album) Beton Kopf Media US 2008 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Fuckit (Album, Single) Beton Kopf Media, Beton Kopf Media Germany 2009 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: :Siamese: - Auf Wiedersehn Im Massengrab (Album) Beton Kopf Media, Beton Kopf Media Germany 2010 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Schrekk & Grauss (Album) Beton Kopf Media US 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Women And Satan First (Album) Beton Kopf Media Germany 2012 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Madman Szpital (Album) Beton Kopf Media Germany 2013 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Bulwark Bazooka (Album) Beton Kopf Media, Beton Kopf Media Germany 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: BlutSpukerTavern (Album) Beton Kopf Media, Beton Kopf Media Germany 2015 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Wüterich (Album) Beton Kopf Media Germany 2016 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

:wumpscut: Dried Blood (EP) Ant-Zen Germany 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: Gomorra (EP) Beton Kopf Media Germany 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
ikon 2 :wumpscut: Smell The Disgusting Sweet Taste Of Dried Blood(7", Ltd, Num, Pic) Ant-Zen ikon 2 Germany 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
:wumpscut: The Oma Thule Single (Single) OBUH Records Poland 1995 Diese Version verkaufen

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30. März 2015
You'll hear a lot of criticism of :W:'s later 'more melodic' or 'pop' material, but I feel the need to defend the post-Evil Young Flesh (or Boeses Junge Fleisch) albums: Rudy pretty much defined a new generation of harsh or 'terror' industrial-EBM for the 90s with 'MFAST' and the albums immediately after it which had a morbidly noisy dancefloor quality, but the song-writing was always his strength.

'Pop', although used in the derogatory sense, is a good way to describe Rudy's mid-to-late material as he focuses on structure, melody and lyrics; the subject matter, however, remains similar. What you get is a lot adult-themed, unpleasant and provocative subjects (genocide, racism, sex, murder, perversion and a mix of all of the above) wrapped up in (still harsh) dancey, catchy melodies which, for me, makes them all the more sinister. Oh, so you've put some challenging lyrics to scary noise? Damn, that's original. What Rudy's done is expand his oeuvre beyond that, compelling the dancefloor with his bizarre, irresistibly memorable vision of true 'gothic' pop. The main difference, perhaps, is that many songs are enjoyably tongue-in-cheek (usually a couple per album), showing that a real comfort and immersion in his subject matter to the point of absurdity. Wumpscut doesn't take himself too seriously. Happily, he remains ever-controversial without the need to explain himself.

In short, if you're a newcomer then beginning with the opening triptych of 'MFAST', Bunkertor and Embryodead will give you a taste of the finest European EBM the 90s produced. When you're emotionally exhausted by the terrifying weight of it all, pop on 'Wreath of Barbs' for some lighter, but no less monstrous tunes. Give the later :W: a chance!


7. April 2010
Probably the best industrial artist you'll ever hear in a club, and he doesn't even play live. Such a shame. Well, the review by perigoso says it all: Rudy started playing with experimental heavy metal mixed with polar-opposite melodies and brutal beats. Mix it all up with killer (pun) album artwork, very adult-themed concept albums, and a dark sound that puts most gothic music to shame and you've got a recipe for music that needs to be in your library.


27. Februar 2004
Harsh industrial synth driven chaotic mayhem with distorted vocals and scary melodies, one of the noisiest projects I´ve ever heard, but at the same time melodic and with great arrangements, truly noisy MUSIC. Unfortunately his latest releases are flollowing a more mellow path, which kind of disappoints me, personally. Anyway, I like his earlier stuff so much that I named my cat after him...

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