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Bürgerl. Name:John Michael Elliott

John Michael "Jack" Elliott was an American songwriter. Born May 7, 1914 in Gowanda, New York, USA, died January 3, 1972.
Often misspelled as "Elliot" with one "T".
Mr. Elliott was a reporter for Chicago Variety and a vaudeville and nightclub entertainer. He wrote special material for his own acts and for others, and this led to a career in songwriting.
He wrote the scores for several motion pictures, among them the background music for “Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom,” a Walt Disney cartoon that won an Academy Award in 1953.
His songs included also “Do You Care?”, “Ivory Rag”, “Be Mine”, “The Pansy”, "In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning", “Sugar Coated Lies”, “Elmer's Tune”,“I Don't Want To Be Kissed”, “Our Very Own” and “A Weaver of Dreams”.
Married to French-born nightclub singer Vicki Benet in 1964.

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