Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth, initially comprised of guitarist / vocalists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, guitarist / bassist / vocalist Kim Gordon and drummer Richard Edson, were formed in New York City in 1981. A product of the No-Wave music scene of the late 1970s, the group had their roots in abrasive, experimental music, with Moore and Ranaldo having previously worked with the experimental composer Glenn Branca. The band were joined in 1985 by drummer Steve Shelley, and recorded 15 albums together, as well as many side and solo projects. Their work has been consistently challenging and innovative, and they are widely regarded as one of the most intriguing and influential bands of their time. This view has been added to by the strength of their record "Sonic Nurse", which also featured the talents of Jim O'Rourke. O'Rourke left the band in 2005. In 2006, Mark Ibold joined the group.

In September 2011, Sonic Youth went on "indefinite hiatus" following the separation of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore (the couple had been married since 1984).


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none Sonic Youth - NYC Ghosts & Flowers Cover-Design Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers (Album) Geffen Records none 2000 Diese Version verkaufen

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24. Mai 2020
Not everyone gets it, because it is not for everyone. If it is for you, this band is. Massively influential for what came to be called "Alternative Music." That qualifies as 'Nuff Said, but it's just scratching the surface. These folks are a true definition of aural art. I saw them 7 times live while a band. Never a dull moment. Only a few pretty notes. No regrets.


6. April 2020
geändert 8 months ago
Hands down one of the best bands ever- I saw them for the first time- hadn't even heard them yet- just before release of EVOL in Washington blew my mind. I was a young, scared, gay, punk kid from small-town West Virginia and this show (and thee LSD) changed everything for me. I actually persuaded owner of a bar in Morgantown WV to get them to play which is where I first met them and then I graduated high school and moved to San Francisco where I saw them numerous times through the years., Always a great time. I miss them. Along with Butthole Surfers, Siouxsie &The Banshees, Swans and Psychic TV, as far as I am concerned, these are thee cream of thee crop of exceptional musickal divinity.


7. März 2020
geändert 9 months ago
“Over rated”
Your tripping brother👀 Count the releases and sales figures. They’re rated pretty spot on!


18. Dezember 2019
SOOOOOOO overrated!!! I can't get in to music at all.


3. Juli 2019
Maybe the best Band ever existed?
In my opinion they got close to it!


13. November 2016
I don't usually like to comment on here, but the first comment on this page should do nothing but reiterate the positive comments of rose1978 below. The Motörhead comparison is spot on, especially in terms of longevity and for what they mean to so many. They sounded like no other and despite the obvious influence they have had down the years on all manner of musicians, no other sounded quite like them.

Did they change my life? Well without the enduring love I have had for their music since I was a teenager, I simply wouldn't be 'me' at all. Along with the music of Swans they have created something that has bonded with me on a cellular level. They are and always will be part of me and in my blood...I owe them the warmest thanks and love for everything they've given me. I'll never forget attending their gig in the Forum in London some years back. My friend who I had turned on to them and I were treated to an amazing set and I can still feel the shiver that travelled down my spine when the unmistakable intro to Schizophrenia kicked off the the

Can't wait to see Thurston with Swans at the Roundhouse next year. The same venue I saw Sonic Youth play Daydream Nation in full. THANKS FOREVER SONIC YOUTH!


25. Juli 2016
geändert over 4 years ago
had to sell all theyr records after seeing the tall foxy (...) guy in every single documentary about 80's music.. not worth much.. did they really discover art ? anyway, I can understand art students like them, guess they are "cool"


8. August 2015
geändert over 5 years ago
Sonic Youth is something "PURE & ORIGINAL" in rock idiom. Sonic Youth is something unique. Sonic Youth has CHARACTER & ATTITUDE. Sonic Youth for alternative rock is like Motorhead for hard rock n roll music. Their music is simple & complex at the same time. They changed listener's & musician's status wordwide. Also they re from Big Apple.....RESPECT!


26. März 2011
geändert over 9 years ago
Sonic Youth pioneered a new approach to making music, a fusion of post punk and art rock that focused more on the music and the moods created by it, rather than a traditional verse/chorus arrangement. This can be powerful (Joni/Daydream Nation) and beautiful (Beauty Lies in the Eye/Sister) in equal measure.

The band began using non-traditional guitar tunings and methods to produce an awe-inspiring sound that had never been heard before. On Confusion is Sex, this sounds very raw, but by Sister, this sound had been perfected. For me, Sister is the band's peak. The epic Daydream Nation that followed is often hailed as their best, but nothing comes close to the sheer experimentation that resulted in Cotton Crown (Sister).

By Goo, the band had moved to the David Geffen label and perhaps due to the pressure of following up on Daydream Nation, the album sounds over produced and stifled, lacking the creative energy of their earlier releases. This was recaptured to some extent on Dirty, however the band moved away from their sonic experimentation roots to a new, more commercial sound from here on in.

I would list them as the most creative band since Pink Floyd by a mile. Sister and Daydream Nation are works of true genius.


1. Januar 2011
geändert over 10 years ago
Very underrated band in my opinion. Consistent with the high quality of their releases over such a long span.

I notice they're even widely unknown to people who actually care about indie / alternative rock and go to a lot of gigs, listening to Bloc Party, Maximo Park and the like (well, at least a few years back - you get the picture), for example, which seems unfair.

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