Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett

Bürgerl. Name:
Roger Keith Barrett
British guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, and painter.

Born: 6 January 1946 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK.
Died: 7 July 2006 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK (aged 60).

A key figure in the development of London's underground music scene during the late 1960s and –despite his rather brief period of activity– a continuing influence on popular (and unpopular) music onward into the 21st century. Unfortunately, soon after achieving success with Pink Floyd, he began to suffer from mental problems, possibly complicated by drug use, from which he never fully recovered.

Having become increasingly unpredictable in person and unreliable as performer, he was pushed out of the band in 1968. He continued with a brief solo career, releasing eclectic albums The Madcap Laughs and Barrett, before leaving the music industry and spending the rest of his life living in relative seclusion.

Barrett had an infamous "reunion" with Pink Floyd in 1975, when he showed up at the mixing session for Shine On You Crazy Diamond, ironically a song written in tribute to him. His appearance - Overweight and shaven haired - shocked and saddened his former bandmates.

Barrett died in 2006, following complications with diabetes.


Syd Barrett -Diskographie Tracks


Syd Barrett Barrett (Album) Harvest UK 1970 Diese Version verkaufen
Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs (Album) Harvest UK 1970 Diese Version verkaufen
Syd Barrett Opel (Album, Comp) Harvest Italy 1988 Diese Version verkaufen
Syd Barrett The Peel Sessions (MiniAlbum, EP) Strange Fruit UK 1988 Diese Version verkaufen
MROK-1 Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs - The Mick Rock Photo Sessions(CD, Album, Ltd) UFO MROK-1 UK 1990 Diese Version verkaufen
SFRSCD127 Syd Barrett The Radio One Sessions(CD, Album) Strange Fruit SFRSCD127 UK 2004 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

Syd Barratt* Octopus / Golden Hair (Single) Harvest UK 1969 Diese Version verkaufen
Syd Barrett / Anthony Moore / Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party* Syd Barrett / Anthony Moore / Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party* - Where Is The Madcap Called Syd... (EP) Stampa Alternativa Italy 1988 Diese Version verkaufen
SPRO-79606 Syd Barrett Wouldn't You Miss Me (Dark Globe)(12", Promo) Capitol Records SPRO-79606 US 1988 Diese Version verkaufen
NR 7243 8 58186 7 Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond(7", EP, Ltd, Pin) Capitol Records NR 7243 8 58186 7 US 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
Luca Ferrari (3), Annie Marie Roulin Write Upon Syd Barrett Luca Ferrari (3), Annie Marie Roulin Write Upon Syd Barrett - A Fish Out Of Water (Single) Sonic Book, Sonic Book Italy 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
7-547637 (K1), R7-547637 Syd Barrett / R.E.M. Syd Barrett / R.E.M. - Dark Globe(7", Single, Ltd, Pur) Parlophone, Warner Bros. Records, Parlophone, Warner Bros. Records 7-547637 (K1), R7-547637 UK, Europe & US 2015 Diese Version verkaufen


Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs / Barrett (Album, Comp) Harvest, Harvest Japan 1974 Diese Version verkaufen
Syd Barrett Octopus (The Best Of) (Comp) Cleopatra, CEMA Special Markets US 1992 Diese Version verkaufen
Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond (Album, Comp) Harvest, Harvest, Harvest UK & Europe 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
Syd Barrett The Best Of Syd Barrett - Wouldn't You Miss Me? (Comp) Harvest Europe 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
Syd Barrett An Introduction To Syd Barrett (Comp) Harvest US 2010 Diese Version verkaufen


Syd Barrett Syd Barrett's First Trip Vexfilms UK 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett - The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story Direct Video Distribution, Video/Film Express Australia 2002 Diese Version verkaufen

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27. September 2016
Here's hoping that we get a 2017-18 box that compiles all of Syd's unreleased material, in the vein of the recent Floyd box. There's so much of his stuff out there ready for release, unlike his former band.

I'd buy it.


15. September 2016
Syd is pink. and no one else. but Syd Barrett


1. Dezember 2007
Everyone knows who Syd Barrett (Roger Keith Barrett). Without Syd there would have been no Pink Floyd. Syd Barrett lead the band during their beginning years, writing most of their music and lyrics, playing lead guitar and singing lead vocals. In March of 1967 Syd's association with the Pink Floyd band that he created ended.

Syd went on to record two solo albums, 'The Madcap Laughs' and 'Barrett'. Syd later performed with the group Stars, a band located in the Cambridge England area, but left them after 3 gigs, hence virtually vanishing from the public till his death July 7, 2006.

Some of Syd's music has a whimsical childlike feel, almost stories, then it hits you, the play with words, various meanings to a line, mysteryous lyrics spiraling thru your mind whilst his guitar sings surreal notes, using very unique special effects, the outcome, trance like riffs would quickly errupt into intense, slightly off kilter strumming, obscure chanting vocals, tense verses with explosive choruses. Syd is thought to be musical virtuoso. Syd's style was described by critics in several ways, 'clumsy and anarchic', 'adventurous and distinctive', 'idiosyncratic', 'revolutionary', also 'brilliant' and 'painful' but do not be fooled by some of the negativity. Syd uses every concievable style of guitar mastering one can imagine, quite frankly he knew his instrument intimatly and pushed it to the limit.

Syd is considered the originater of psychedelic music in the 60's. Psychedelia is the term used to describe his hauntingly captivating sound.

Syd's obvious influence on Pink Floyd can still be felt long after he was gone from the group. Continueing without Syd Barrett was difficult, since the public as well as music industry thought Syd was the band.

Syd Barrett did not get his fair share of the recognition that should be bestowed upon him, for without Syd Barretts influence and genious, Pink Floyd would not exist today. Syd's time with Pink Floyd still hails as some of rock and rolls most
sensational, and expressive, playing recorded by a guitarist.


19. Dezember 2006
geändert over 10 years ago
Despite his early passing away, and having been a ghost for the last thirty years, he will rest an icon for psychedelic music and indeed one of the founder of that kind of rock.

The first album with Pink Floyd, "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" when came out in 1967 was something never heard before and nowadays it's still an amazing masterpiece.

Rest In Peace, Crazy Diamond.

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