Jörg Dewald

Bürgerl. Name:Jörg Dewald

Engineer for all of the early Tom Wax / Thorsten Adler releases on Harthouse, Overdrive, Logic, Influence and R&S. For many years after Tom and Thorsten got their own studio, Jörg assisted Thorsten with his solo projects. After that he went on to engineer for other artists in the Frankfurt/Darmstadt area. In 1990 he started building his first studio which was opened in the beginning of 1991. This has been the time where his career as producer started too. His studio’s name has been Sound Everest Studio in Pfungstadt (Eschollbrücken).

From 1993 – 1996 he produced and engineered for the project Men Behind together with Karsten Brandt alias Todd Canard and Peter Aleksander (Superstar Recordings). 1994 as a team they received a golden record for the remix of the song „When do I get to sing my way“ by Sparks.

From 1998 – 2002 JD Wood produced with the team of Cyborg DMP GmbH. JD Wood worked with and for David Garrett (4), Vanessa-Mae, Melanie Thornton, Kim Sanders, Jam & Spoon, Erasure, Ralph Siegel, Gil Ofarim, Magic Affair, Sabrina Setlur, Ayman, Talla 2XLC and many more.

In 2002 JD Wood started a new challenge of production and songwriting with Bernd Breiter, now known as the CEO of BigCityBeats, responsible for the „World Club Dome“ Events world wide. From 2005 Jörg Dewald is responsible for the composing and music producing of almost every radio, video commercial of BigCityBeats, so for every first song (intro / take off) on each of their compilations and also the music for the opening and closing shows of the BigCityBeats events.

In 2016 he moved to Nidda (Hessen/Germany). His studio now is called JD Wood Production. , Wikipedia , Instagram
Aliasse:Gonzales De Waldez, J.D. Wood
Gruppen:3 Nuts, Arpeggiators, Brain-E, Chiron, Flame (6), German Division, Higher Phreax, Masterblaster (2), Members Of Overdrive, Men Behind, Microbots, Mynoorey, Nympho Music, Omega Force, The Blyz, The Pulp, Ting Ting Ya, Tully-Hoo!, U.S.C.
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