Alain Goraguer

Real Name:Alain Yves Réginald Goraguer

French jazz pianist, composer and arranger, born 20 August 1931in Rosny-sous-Bois, died 13 February 2023 in Paris.
He worked with Boris Vian, Serge Gainsbourg, and Jean Ferrat.
Credited sometimes on Jean Ferrat releases as Milton Lewis.
He worked as an arranger and conductor in the Eurovision Song Contest on multiple occasions, including in 1965 when he led the orchestra for France Gall's 'Poupée de cire, poupée de son'.
He composed X film soundtracks under the alias Paul Vernon.
Father of Patrick Goraguer. , Wikipedia , Imdb
Aliases:Al Graig, Milton Lewis, Orgogoriental, Sifu (2)
In Groups:Alain Goraguer And His Trio, Alain Goraguer Et Son Ensemble, Alain Goraguer Et Son Orchestre, Laura Fontaine Et Son Quartette, Los Goragueros, Milton Lewis Et Son Orchestre
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