DC-Pöbeln (or sometimes Dagcenterpöbeln, or the shorter DC-P) was conceived in the Swedish city of Örebro by "Guggi" & "17" in 1982. "Guggi" was an alias of Tommy Olsson and "17"was Johan Kugelberg. Apart from them there were no other members; merely collaborators. DC-Pöbeln played live twice, Johan was on stage on the first event, and Tommy on the other. Both concerts took place in museums.
The single Bettan was recorded on tape and given to Lars Larsson in late 1983. In 1984 Lars started thinking about releasing the song as a single with the the gravedigger cut-up as B-side. Johan Kugelberg designed the sleeve with pictures of Bettie Page, and finally released as single in the fall of 1985 on Konduktör Rekords.

"17" was not present on the recording of "Bettan" (though he assembled the material that appears on the B-side). Since both members moved frequently, recording sessions were sparse, there were 4-5 sessions between 1983 - 1994. Tommy and Johan didn't go to school together, they just happened to be in the same place at the same time with similar interests. They first met when Tommy was 16.

There´s supposed to be a CD of the last session in 1994, but Tommy has never seen it or have the tape recording. This session was covering everything from Whitney Houston to Psychic TV with cocktail Hammond organ, bongos and guitars completely out of tune. , Facebook
Aliasse:Dc-Pöbeln Med Guggi & 17
Mitglieder:Johan Kugelberg, Tommy Olsson


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