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Elizabeth Woolridge Grant
Lana Del Rey is an American singer and songwriter born on June 21st, 1985 in New York, USA. She was raised in Lake Placid, a small village in New York. In 2000, when she was fifteen, she was sent to Kent School in Connecticut to deal with her alcohol abuse. After graduating from high school in 2003, she spent a year living in Long Island. After being taught how to play guitar by her uncle, she began playing at nightclubs under various names such as "Sparkle Jump Rope Queen" and "Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena" with no real ambition to pursue music as a career. In the fall of 2004, she enrolled at Fordham University in New York where she studied metaphysics. In her time being there was when her musical experience began. Between 2005 and 2009, she had several music projects including her works as May Jailer and Lizzy Grant. In 2010, she finally released her first album, A.K.A. Lizzy Grant, under the stage name Lana Del Ray - later changed to Lana Del Rey, with an e. Then in 2011, she released her single, "Video Games", bringing international attention to her music. In 2012, she released the album, Born To Die, which has since gone platinum. Over the years, well over 100 of her songs - mostly demos and songs from the May Jailer/Lizzy Grant eras - have been leaked through a variety of mediums.
Lana Del Rey - Альтернативные Клипы Cover-Design Various Video Games Various - Альтернативные Клипы (Comp) VAL Video Russia 2012 Diese Version verkaufen
none Lana Del Rey - Inas Nacht 2 - Best Of Singen & Best Of Sabbeln Cover-Design Ina Müller, Various Video Games Ina Müller, Various - Inas Nacht 2 - Best Of Singen & Best Of Sabbeln(2xDVD-V) ARD Video none Germany 2012 Diese Version verkaufen
none Lana Del Rey - The Best Of Dance World. Мировая Дискотека - Только Лучший Dance Планеты. 2017 (100 Клипов) Cover-Design Various High By The Beach Various - The Best Of Dance World. Мировая Дискотека - Только Лучший Dance Планеты. 2017 (100 Клипов)(DVD-V, D/Sided, Comp, PAL) Not On Label none Russia 2016 Diese Version verkaufen
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396 Lana Del Rey - The Video Pool #396 June 2017 Cover-Design Various Lust For Life Various - The Video Pool #396 June 2017(DVD-V, Promo, PAL) The Video Pool 396 UK 2017 Diese Version verkaufen

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11. Oktober 2019
geändert 3 days ago
Lana del Rey reclaims the 'muse' back into music. Not only that, the videos add up to create a sensually powerful mythos of decadence in America / the West:

Her grimaces in Born to Die, sat in a throne in the Vatican to approach the pearly gates, who can miss the irony? The female paradise in Music to Watch Boys to. Ride (the extended 10.09 minute version), Lust for Life . . . those and many other videos.

I was a bit confused by Lana's sullied message in such beguiling performances; still am really. [Is she a happy girl?] It can't be avoided, tension is central to her music. Why is Lana / humanity so jaded? Especially with such an acute self-knowledge having a degree in metaphysics, coming from a wealthy background.

For me, this estranged singer goes a bit further than the 'rest of 'em' in the mainstream. The way she presents her self and the world of decadence, hedonism and passions crushing innocence – all from such a beautiful, intelligent and young singer – representing America on fire. I can think of Lolita, though Lolita doesn’t grab it. Lana is intelligent, not a play thing, of age; and, finally, seems to fully accept her ‘role’ (resignedly?), the latter is what twists the whole thing, that full embrace.

[Of course she could be presenting all this from an assured distance.]

Back to the music: Beautiful People with Beautiful Problems with Stevie Nicks:



23. Januar 2016
geändert over 3 years ago
Lana Del Rey is a talented Singer/Songwriter and an amazing person. She's always been kind to her fans and all of her fans adore her. She makes bold statements and often gets criticism for them, but she is extremely intelligent and talented. She studied Metaphysics/Philosophy in college and has always been interested in new advances in Science. She has not been "bought a career." She struggled to get famous for years, and it wasn't until she put out a music video for her song "Video Games" that she got recognition. She has hundreds of unreleased songs that are all amazing! She also has gotten through many personal struggles, including alcoholism. She is inspirational in the fact that she never gave up on herself and did exactly what she wanted to do. She doesn't care what her critics think, she does what she wants and feels she needs to do. She's in this industry for the music, not the fame. She tries to keep her personal life private and she doesn't do many interviews, because she's often misquoted and is criticized for her performances. She's struggled with performing because she has severe anxiety, so she's much more comfortable in smaller venues. Her work is always beautiful and it's always original. She's so underrated. She's one of my favorite artists in the world because of everything I just said! Listen to her music and story before you judge her.

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