Bürgerl. Name:
Johann Hölzel
Austrian musician, born 19 February 1957 in Vienna, Austria and died 6 February 1998 near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (car accident).


GIG 444 107 Falco - Einzelhaft Cover-Design Falco Einzelhaft (Album) GiG Records GIG 444 107 Austria 1982 Diese Version verkaufen
AMLH 20166, 76.21.519 Falco - Junge Roemer Cover-Design Falco Junge Roemer (Album) GiG Records, GiG Records AMLH 20166, 76.21.519 Netherlands 1984 Diese Version verkaufen
1006565 Falco - Falco 3 Cover-Design Falco Falco 3 (Album) GiG Records, TELDEC 1006565 Honduras 1985 Diese Version verkaufen
WX75, 254291-1 Falco - Emotional Cover-Design Falco Emotional (Album) GiG Records WX75, 254291-1 Europe 1986 Diese Version verkaufen
6.26 846 Falco - Wiener Blut Cover-Design Falco Wiener Blut (Album) GIG Records 6.26 846 Germany 1988 Diese Version verkaufen
WMC5-171 Falco - Data De Groove Cover-Design Falco Data De Groove (Album) GIG Records WMC5-171 Japan 1990 Diese Version verkaufen
9031-75332-2, 9031-75332-2 ZP Falco - The Remix Hit Collection  Cover-Design Falco The Remix Hit Collection (Album) EastWest, EastWest 9031-75332-2, 9031-75332-2 ZP Europe 1991 Diese Version verkaufen
7803224 3 Falco - Nachtflug Cover-Design Falco Nachtflug (Album) Electrola, Electrola 7803224 3 Malaysia 1992 Diese Version verkaufen
7243 4 94469 2 2 Falco - Out Of The Dark (Into The Light) Cover-Design Falco Out Of The Dark (Into The Light) (Album) EMI, EMI Electrola 7243 4 94469 2 2 Europe 1998 Diese Version verkaufen
74321 704992 Falco - Verdammt Wir Leben Noch Cover-Design Falco Verdammt Wir Leben Noch (Album) GiG Records 74321 704992 Europe 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
8573-80781-4 Falco - Live Forever Cover-Design Falco Live Forever (Album) EastWest 8573-80781-4 Turkey 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
88697253282 Falco - Symphonic Cover-Design Falco Symphonic (Album) Sony BMG Music Entertainment 88697253282 Austria 2008 Diese Version verkaufen
10263 Falco - Donauinsel Live Cover-Design Falco Donauinsel Live (Album) Sony Music 10263 Germany 2004 Diese Version verkaufen
5051865-7020-2-3 Falco - The Spirit Never Dies Cover-Design Falco The Spirit Never Dies(CD, Album) Warner Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Central Europe 5051865-7020-2-3 Europe 2009 Diese Version verkaufen
19075810642 Falco - Coming Home (The Tribute) (Donauinselfest 2017) Cover-Design Falco Coming Home (The Tribute) (Donauinselfest 2017) (Album) Ariola, Sony Music 19075810642 Europe 2018 Diese Version verkaufen
190758338118 Falco - Sterben Um Zu Leben Cover-Design Falco Sterben Um Zu Leben (Album, Comp) Sony Music, Zyrkus, HI1 190758338118 Germany, Austria, & Switzerland 2018 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

GIG 111 107 Falco - That Scene ("Ganz Wien") Cover-Design Falco That Scene ("Ganz Wien") (Single, EP) GiG Records GIG 111 107 Austria 1981 Diese Version verkaufen
GIG 111 117 Falco - Der Kommissar / Helden Von Heute Cover-Design Falco Der Kommissar / Helden Von Heute (Single, EP, Maxi, Comp) GiG Records GIG 111 117 Austria 1981 Diese Version verkaufen
6.20170 TS Falco - Zuviel Hitze Cover-Design Falco Zuviel Hitze (Single, Maxi) GiG Records 6.20170 TS Germany 1982 Diese Version verkaufen
6.13 555, 6.13555 AC Falco - Maschine Brennt Cover-Design Falco Maschine Brennt (Single, EP) GiG Records, GiG Records 6.13 555, 6.13555 AC Germany 1982 Diese Version verkaufen
YD 630 Falco - Der Kommissar (Rap' That) / Mama Cover-Design Falco / Umberto Tozzi Falco / Umberto Tozzi - Der Kommissar (Rap' That) / Mama(7", Jukebox) VIP (2), CGD YD 630 Italy 1982 Diese Version verkaufen
YD 638 Falco - Heartbreaker / Maschine Brennt Cover-Design Dionne Warwick / Falco Dionne Warwick / Falco - Heartbreaker / Maschine Brennt(7", Jukebox) Arista, VIP (2) YD 638 Italy 1982 Diese Version verkaufen
GIG 111 138 Falco - Die Galeere Cover-Design Drahdiwaberl Mit Falco Drahdiwaberl Mit Falco - Die Galeere(7", Single) GiG Records GIG 111 138 Austria 1983 Diese Version verkaufen
834-0006 Falco - Disco Mix Cover-Design Falco Disco Mix A&M Records 834-0006 Ecuador 1983 Diese Version verkaufen
AMS 129721 Falco - On The Run (Specially Remixed Version) Cover-Design Falco On The Run (Specially Remixed Version) (EP, Single, Maxi) A&M Records AMS 129721 France 1982 Diese Version verkaufen

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27. Januar 2020
Another warning for collectors: some mexican sellers (Discogs: charlesrecords, eBay: pokajurecords) offer self-produced picture sleeves together with regular 7" singles (no bootlegs) from Mexico. Their fake picture sleeves look always almost Near Mint to EX (doesn't matter, if they were sold together with singles either from the 60ies or from the 90ies). Around 50 sales were checked and compared with the Discogs database. Usually no picture sleeves were released for these mexican 7" singles.


29. April 2019
When you are a Falco fan you should take special care when you buy autographs. Within the last years several photos are offered (usually in the size 15x20 cm) from seller in Grödig (Salzburg, Austria), Vienna, Munich (Germany) and Traunstein (Germany). These seller usually state that they received this autograph personally from Falco himself in Dec. 1997. These autographs have all a special feature: the F of Falco contains a relatively long vertical line and they look completely different than all other autographs from Falco from that period: http://www.ichwillspass.de/ndw/bands/falcoi.jpg https://www.popsike.com/Falco-Autogramm-Original-Autogrammkarte-Titanic-1992/280356728648.html https://hitparade.ch/mypage/christoph/ (scroll down)


23. Januar 2019
geändert about 1 year ago
Collectors take care: There are some ebay sellers (columboegg, climbingaboard and 2015vialex10000) which sell "Portuguese Unique" Falco versions. They are genuine vinyl (no bootlegs), but the original covers are replaced with flimsy printed home covers. These sellers ship from Portugal and offer these "rare" editions for high prizes. Sometimes these home made sleeves were also stamped with a golden promo stamp by these sellers.

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