The Mighty Mighty Bosstones joexbondo

2. September 2018
geändert 11 months ago
Is the second version of Pay Attention on Black Vinyl? I see it listed but have only ever seen the green and blue version. Thanks for the help!

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones jawnh

7. Juli 2017
geändert over 2 years ago
It shows up on the left hand column at the artist main page under "Unofficial" then "Compilations". I think this is the way the database is designed. Unofficial releases are listed separate form the official releases apparently. It's the same for all other artists. Check for example Frank Zappa. In order to view unofficial releases you go through the Unofficial links there on the left hand side form the main artist page. They do not appear with the official releases in the discography.

*Note: This appears to be the case only if there is not a master release in which the unofficial release would/could be contained I think. Not really sure though. I see an unofficial Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera s/t LP shows up with the official ones, so not really sure what the deal is.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones hiwattnick

20. Mai 2017
Why is The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "B-Sides Collection" Japanes bootleg LP not listed here? Other bands have unofficial pressings listed. It is listed on Discogs, but you need to google the title first to find it. Can anyone help or figure this out?