The High Numbers

For just a few months in 1964 (approximately July to October), "The Who" changed their name to the "High Numbers", releasing one single under that billing before reverting to the more inventive and appropriate "The Who." The name change resulted from their association with Pete Meaden, a mod who briefly managed them in mid-1964 (Helmut Gorden was also involved in their management with Meaden for much of that time). Meaden was instrumental in getting the band to gear their music and image more toward the mod movement, and this was reflected in his choice of the name "The High Numbers," which arose from mod slang.
"The High Numbers" wisely changed their name back to "The Who" by November 1964, by which time they had also changed management, replacing Meaden with Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp. Whether this was intentional or not, it also erased any stigma that might have been attached to them as the result of the High Numbers' flop 45, and allowed them to present their first 1965 single, "I Can't Explain," as the debut of a brand-new band, "The Who".
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