ROD 001 Dominic Woosey - Straylight Cover-Design Dominic Woosey Straylight (Album) Recycle Or Die ROD 001 Germany 1992 Diese Version verkaufen

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15. März 2020
Dominic Woosey was always one of my favorite ambient / techno / trance artists in the early.90s. Under Mysteries of Science , Neutron 9000 and United Frequencies of Trance mostly. His keyboard work and tones were just amazingly poigant and lush for the time. Balearic and chill out before they were even dreamed about. After 1995 he sort of dissapeared. I asked 2005 why he doesnt do music anymore. He just said he stopped. No real reason. But in those 6-7 years he did a lot of important music for me. See mt review under TIM for mysteries of Science album for example. Underappreciated legend


6. Mai 2017
geändert over 4 years ago
Prolific producer during the late 80ies into the 90ies but unfortunately relatively unknown nor name checked for his work in the ambient/trance scene.

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