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Daniel Williamson
Well-known drum'n'bass producer, DJ, and head of the Good Looking Organisation of labels and artists. Widely acknowledged to be one of the leading figures in the genre of atmospheric or intelligent jungle. Born in London in 1967, he started out playing house in the late 80's and early 90's before setting up his Good Looking Records label and releasing seminal jungle tracks like "Demon's Theme" and "Music", as well as the popular Logical Progression series of compilations. Still producing and touring the world today.

Was resident DJ of Speed in London.

LTJ Bukem -Diskographie Tracks


LTJ Bukem Journey Inwards (Album) Good Looking Records North America (inc Mexico) 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
RA.EX162 LTJ Bukem RA.EX162 LTJ Bukem(File, MP3, 320) Resident Advisor RA.EX162 UK 2013

Singles & EPs

LTJ Bukem Delitefol Not On Label (LTJ Bukem Self-released) UK 1991 Diese Version verkaufen
L.T. Bukem* Logical Progression VMR Records UK 1991 Diese Version verkaufen
DJ Trace & LTJ Bukem DJ Trace & LTJ Bukem - Teach Me To Fly (Remix) / Inception (After Dark Remix) Out Of Orbit (2) UK 1992 Diese Version verkaufen
LTJ Bukem Demon's Theme / A Couple Of Beats Good Looking Records UK 1992 Diese Version verkaufen
L.T.J. Bukem* Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted Good Looking Records UK 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
LTJ Bukem, Tayla LTJ Bukem, Tayla - Music / Bang The Drums Not On Label UK 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
none LTJ Bukem Atmospherical Jubilancy(Acetate, 10") Good Looking Records none UK 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
Bukem* & The Peshay* Bukem* & The Peshay* - 19.5 Good Looking Records UK 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
none LTJ Bukem & Peshay / Flytronix LTJ Bukem & Peshay / Flytronix - 19.5 / Hindsight(Acetate, 10") Not On Label none UK 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
LTJ Bukem Horizons (Maxi, EP) Looking Good Records UK 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
LTJ Bukem Music (Peshay Rework) / Jazz Lick Nexus Records UK 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
GLR001J LTJ Bukem Horizons (Vocal Mix) / Music(12") Good Looking Records GLR001J Japan 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
EARTHLP002 Rollercone / LTJ Bukem Rollercone / LTJ Bukem - Fictions / Cosmic Interlude(12", Promo) Earth, Cookin' Records EARTHLP002 UK 1997 Diese Version verkaufen
LTJ Bukem Mystical Realms EP (EP) Good Looking Records Japan 1998 Diese Version verkaufen
LTJ Bukem / Bjorn LTJ Bukem / Bjorn - Rhodes To Freedom / Watercolours / Inside My Soul / God Chord Good Looking Records UK 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
LTJ Bukem Sunrain (Maxi) Good Looking Records UK 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
Doc Scott / LTJ Bukem Doc Scott / LTJ Bukem - Tokyo Dawn / Cosmic Interlude Earth UK 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
LTJ Bukem Suspended Space EP (EP) Good Looking Records UK 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
GLR002 LTJ Bukem & Tayla LTJ Bukem & Tayla - Bang The Drums / Remnants(12", RP) Good Looking Records GLR002 UK 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
none LTJ Bukem / Raw Deal LTJ Bukem / Raw Deal - Inner Guidance (Remix) / Fresh Air(Acetate, 10") Not On Label none UK 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
none LTJ Bukem / Artificial Intelligence LTJ Bukem / Artificial Intelligence - Music (Peshay 2002 Rework) / Unknown(Acetate, 10", W/Lbl) Music House (4) none UK 2002 Diese Version verkaufen
none LTJ Bukem / DJ Marky & XRS LTJ Bukem / DJ Marky & XRS - Horizons / Lk Vs Brian Mcknight (Acetate, 12") Not On Label none UK 2003 Diese Version verkaufen
DROOT004W Nu-Moon / LTJ Bukem Nu-Moon / LTJ Bukem - Q / Unconditional Love(12") Deep Rooted DROOT004W UK 2004 Diese Version verkaufen

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11. September 2016
Looking for box for earth volume one,got the vinyl.Anyone out there got one?


16. Februar 2015
Does Bukem still produce anymore? I want new tunes from him!


5. Februar 2014
I am looking for a particular song of LTJ Bukem's where much like the song 'Horizons', it has a old vocal backing which is quite legendary. It may not be one of his songs, but it is probably on one of his albums, and it goes something like this:
"You must be willing to accept the fact that pain is a part of the process of revelation. You have to be willing to take the field and stay on the field the way Duke stayed on the road".
If anyone knows, it would extremely helpful. Thanx guys.


23. März 2012
geändert over 5 years ago
atlantis and the western tune oh yeah his bookworm track, after i start to get bored of his music, you can talk about deep and progressive it's ment to be often words used bukemites to try and convince you his music is somehow more spiritual more meaningful than anybody else s.

You cannot doubt that in the early 90's he was a legend a pioneer, i'd never try and take that away from him, i'd fight anybody tried say otherwise, but for me my OWN PERSONAL OPINION bukem commits the biggest cardinal syn as an artist, he shoeboxes himself into one style and stays in that comfort zone.

Making for boring music, the very core of his music is very much the same thing over and over, why not try a bit of piano? Hardcore? jump up? ragga? darkside? amen smasher? Tech step? clownstep even
anything but that boring wishy washy elevator music, that you've been creating for the past 21 years

Maybe he has over the years under alias maybe they sucked, but you know what i'd have given him alot more credit as one of the legends of jungle, at least he'd have tried something a bit different



8. August 2010
geändert over 6 years ago


5. April 2007
geändert over 10 years ago
Sometimes you're just really in the mood for this stuff. Lovely, flowing, jazzy vibes drenched in big swathes of epic synth. Bukem unites the tribes - the rave kids are sucked in by the deep bassline whilst the urbanite social-networkers lose themselves in the big rinky-dink washes of sound.

Despite the frenetic nature of D'n'B drum programming there's something supremely mellow about this man's music - it's great equally for loved-up dancefloor-gurners or downtempo armchair stoners.

You can't beat a bit of Bukem!


21. März 2002
LTJ Bukem is the master of the Progessive sound. There's Drum N' Bass for the Body, then there's Drum N' Bass for the Mind, and LTJ Bukem makes just that. Bukem takes you on a journey with each individual track, and when you're done, you want to go back...everytime. His track "Demon's Theme" is unreal. A little known fact is that there are 2 versions of this song, both by Bukem. The released version on his Logical Progesssion EP is phenominal, but his original version is even better. I've only been able to find it on "the Jackal" Soundtrack, but its so worth it. It was one of Bukem's first songs, from back in 1991!

Suggested Tracks: Demon's Theme, Coolin' Out, Atlantis, Horizon, Music, 19.5 (feat. Peshay)

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