Ghinzu gotgot13

17. September 2019
Why there is no vinyl edition of the masterpiece Blow ??? Why ???

Ghinzu Crazypumpkin

24. Dezember 2019
Totally agree!!! Waiting great LP edition for Blow and Mirror Mirror !

Ghinzu THIERRY31

16. Oktober 2018
geändert about 1 year ago
To me Blow is an absolute masterpiece, if you're into music whatever everyone can call it ( i don't care about "stickers") you must listen to this album, I can assure you a real fun ...

Ghinzu qmjardin

16. Mai 2015
one of the best ive ever heard
belgian pride!!!

Ghinzu fdrlook

7. November 2012
Listened only "Blow". Beautiful guys

Ghinzu as reviewed by defragmybrain

11. Mai 2006
geändert over 15 years ago
I love Ghinzu. They have very interesting elements throughout their compositions. what throws me off is their sudden change in emotion, which causes the mood to break. If they portray a light, floaty walking/music mood, and suddenly jam into some drum solo, it makes me wanna stop and sit and wait till they come back into that mood, or skip to the next song. Otherwise, lovely.
Love them. Nice lyrics, aswell.