Alex Paterson

Real Name:Duncan Alexander Robert Paterson

Born: 15 October 1959

Paterson had worked as a roadie for Killing Joke during the '80s, and began to be influenced by the explosion of Chicago house music in England during the mid-to-late-'80s. He joined the A&R department of E.G. Records Ltd. Records - the home of Brian Eno himself - and first recorded as the Orb with Jimmy Cauty. The duo's first release as the Orb, the failed acid-house anthem "Tripping on Sunshine", appeared on the 1988 compilation album Project One.
Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty had been recording an album during the turn of 1989-90, but the two split in April 1990 - a result of Paterson's fear that the Orb had become known more as a The KLF side-project than an original act. Cauty stripped Paterson's contribution to the recordings and released the eponymous album - credited simply as Space - later that year.
The Orb released several albums through the '90s, including The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions (which were only available for one day but still managed to place in the Top 50) and Orblivion.

Aliases:An Oral Sex Pet, DJ LX-Dee, DJ Mr. X, DJ Orb, Extra Nose Pal, FT Explores Satan, Panda LX, Pantoes Relax, Relaxant Pose, Rev Nosretap, Trans Pole Axe
In Groups:Apollo XI, Autolump, Bloodsport (4), Bytesize Nuns, Chocolate Hills, Custerd, FFWD, High Frequency Bandwidth, Le Petite Orb, Loophead, Lost Woods Of Timber, Madorb, Masters Of The Uni-Verse, Multiverse, OSS (4), Pigface, Prayer Box, Rootmasters, Screen (7), Sedibus
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