George Marino

Bürgerl. Name:George Marino

Senior mastering engineer at Sterling Sound, New York City, USA.

Born: 15 April 1947 in the Bronx, New York City, USA.
Died: 4 June 2012 in New York City, USA (aged 65).

Known to have worked at Capitol Records New York studio's from the late 1960s. Then worked at Master Cutting Room, a now defunct New York mastering studio that started in 1971 as the mastering arm of the Record Plant, N.Y.C.. Joined Sterling Sound in 1973 and continued working there until his death.

Records mastered by George Marino can be identified by 'MBG' or 'M.B.G.', which stands for 'Mastered By George', in the runout. In such cases use ANV 'G'. Note: 'MBG' and 'M.G.B.' are also the etchings of Milan Bogdan (for 'Milan George Bodgan'), so try to confirm which engineer the initials belong to by reference to the mastering studios. , Wikipedia
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