Kris Weston

Real Name:Kristian Weston

Born in 1972, Kris Weston is a British electronic music producer, engineer, synth player (programmer) and guitarist. His early remix work for artists like Depeche Mode, U2, Saint Etienne and Bananarama in the early 90's appears under the Thrash moniker.

Joining Alex Paterson as a live and studio member of The Orb in 1990, Kris Weston remained with The Orb until 1994. He left due to what should be best described as "creative differences".

He has since appeared on M.E.L.T releases, and in 2003 he founded Justablip Records.

Aliases:Bernard Dharma, Blenderoid, Solo Idiot, Thrash
In Groups:Apollo XI, FFWD, Kreg, Phuture World Productions Inc., The Orb
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