Pioneers of the New Romantic movement, the synth-pop group Visage emerged in 1978 from the London club Blitz, a neo-glam nightspot which stood in stark contrast to the prevailing punk mentality of the moment. Spearheading Blitz's ultra-chic clientele were Steve Strange and DJ Rusty Egan, one time drummer with the Rich Kids. Seeking to record music of their own to fit in with the club's regular playlist (a steady diet of David Bowie, Kraftwerk, and Roxy Music), Strange and Egan were offered studio time by another Rich Kids alum, guitarist Midge Ure. In late 1978, this trio recorded a demo which yielded the first Visage single, an aptly futuristic cover of Zager & Evans' "In the Year 2525."

Adding Ultravox keyboardist Billy Currie as well as three members of Magazine -- bassist Barry Adamson, guitarist John McGeoch, and keyboardist Dave Formula -- Visage signed to Martin Rushent's Genetic Records to release "Tar," in September of 1979, followed a year later by their self-titled debut LP. The album yielded a major single in "Fade To Grey," an instant club classic which heralded synth-pop's imminent commercial breakthrough. The follow-up, "Mind of a Toy," was a Top 20 hit. Next came their sophomore album, 1982's "The Anvil." Midge, John, Dave and Billy left in 1983. "Beat Boy," was Visage's 1984 release, the band now consisting of Steve Strange, Rusty Egan, Steve Barnacle and Gary Barnacle. In 2013, Visage returned with the line-up of Steve Strange and Steve Barnacle, with new members Robin Simon (ex-Ultravox guitarist) and Lauren Duvall (on vocals).

Steve Strange died on the 12th of February, 2015. , , Facebook , Wikipedia
Aliases:Steve Strange Project
Members:Andy Barnett, Barry Adamson, Billy Currie, Dave Tomlinson, Gary Barnacle, John McGeoch, Lauren Duvall, Logan Sky, Lorraine (4), Midge Ure, Robin Simon, Ross Tregenza, Rusty Egan, Steve Barnacle, Steven Harrington (3)
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