Raymond Watts (also known as Nainz, Nainz Watts, and Ray Scaballero) is the founding member of the post-industrial music project PIG, sometimes written as <PIG>.

NOTE: In addition to Pig's musical works, the artist has also published one lyric book, "PIG - The Word of the Lard: The Scripture of Raymond Watts"
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WAX 051 Pig - A Poke In The Eye...With A Sharp Stick Cover-Design Pig A Poke In The Eye...With A Sharp Stick (Album) Wax Trax! Records WAX 051 US 1988 Diese Version verkaufen
CPRODLP 017 Pig - Praise The Lard Cover-Design Pig Praise The Lard (Album) Concrete Productions CPRODLP 017 UK 1991 Diese Version verkaufen
ALCB 873 Pig - The Swining Cover-Design Pig The Swining (Album) Alfa International ALCB 873 Japan 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
VICP-8146 Pig - Sinsation Cover-Design Pig Sinsation (Album) XEO Invitation VICP-8146 Japan 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
VICP-5752 Pig - Wrecked Cover-Design Pig Wrecked (Album) XEO Invitation VICP-5752 Japan 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
INV 144 CD Pig - Je M'Aime Cover-Design Pig & Sow Pig & Sow - Je M'Aime(CD, Album, RE) Invisible INV 144 CD US 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
RCCY-1084 Pig - Genuine American Monster Cover-Design Pig Genuine American Monster (Album) Rock Records RCCY-1084 Taiwan 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
MET 270 Pig - Sturm & Drang Tour 2002 Cover-Design KMFDM Featuring Pig KMFDM Featuring Pig - Sturm & Drang Tour 2002 (Album) Metropolis MET 270 US 2002 Diese Version verkaufen
MET 397 Pig - Pigmata Cover-Design Pig Pigmata (Album) Metropolis MET 397 US 2005 Diese Version verkaufen
MET 1040 Pig - The Gospel Cover-Design Pig The Gospel (Album) Metropolis MET 1040 US 2016 Diese Version verkaufen
MET 1070D Pig - Swine & Punishment Cover-Design Pig Swine & Punishment (Album) Metropolis MET 1070D US 2017 Diese Version verkaufen
MET 1125D Pig - Risen Cover-Design Pig Risen (Album) Metropolis MET 1125D US 2018 Diese Version verkaufen
ARMVNL062 Pig - Candy Cover-Design Pig Candy (Album) Armalyte Industries, Pig Industries ARMVNL062 UK 2019 Diese Version verkaufen
none Pig - Stripped & Whipped Cover-Design Pig Stripped & Whipped (Album) Armalyte Industries, Pig Industries none UK 2019 Diese Version verkaufen
PIG008 Pig - Stripped & Ripped Cover-Design Pig Stripped & Ripped Armalyte Industries, Pig Industries PIG008 UK 2020 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

WAXUK 045 Pig - Never For Fun Cover-Design Pig Never For Fun (Single) Wax Trax! Records WAXUK 045 UK 1988 Diese Version verkaufen
WAX 9084 Pig - Sick City / Shit For Brains Cover-Design Pig Sick City / Shit For Brains (Single) Wax Trax! Records WAX 9084 US 1989 Diese Version verkaufen
Contedisc 202 / CD Pig - A Stroll In The Pork Cover-Design Pig A Stroll In The Pork (EP, MiniAlbum, Album) Concrete Productions, Contempo Records Contedisc 202 / CD Italy 1992 Diese Version verkaufen
TEMPO 202, CPROD 018 Pig - Hello Hooray Cover-Design Pig Hello Hooray (EP) Contempo Records, Concrete Productions TEMPO 202, CPROD 018 UK & Europe 1992 Diese Version verkaufen
WATTS 1 Pig - The Fountain Of Miracles Cover-Design Pig The Fountain Of Miracles(12", Ltd, Promo) Alfa Records, Inc WATTS 1 Japan 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
39100323 Pig - Shit For Brains Cover-Design Pig Shit For Brains(CD, Maxi) Hyperium Records 39100323 Germany 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
ALCB-909 Pig - Red Raw And Sore Cover-Design Pig Red Raw And Sore (EP) Alfa International ALCB-909 Japan 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
TVT 8723-2V Pig - Sin Sex & Salvation Cover-Design KMFDM vs. Pig KMFDM vs. Pig - Sin Sex & Salvation (EP) TVT Records, Wax Trax! Records TVT 8723-2V US 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
VICP-15045 Pig - Painiac Cover-Design Pig Painiac (Maxi) XEO Invitation VICP-15045 Japan 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
WALL T 011 Pig - Salvage / Painiac Cover-Design Wreckage Inc. / Pig Wreckage Inc. / Pig - Salvage / Painiac(10", Ltd, Smplr) Wall Of Sound WALL T 011 UK 1995 Diese Version verkaufen