Malian group, formed in 1982.
Plays a mix of blues, rock and traditional Tuareg music.

"Tinariwen" means "empty place" in the language of the Berbers of the Saharan desert.
The artwork of some of the band's releases features symbols which look like "+10:1", "+IO:I" or similar. This is not a mathematical formula or any other alphanumerical Latin script but the band's name in Tifinagh script.
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K7 S.A. Tinariwen - Ténéré Cover-Design Groupe Tinarwen* Ténéré(Cass, Album) EMI K7 S.A. Mali 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
Tinariwen - The Radio Tisdas Sessions Cover-Design Tinariwen The Radio Tisdas Sessions (Album) Wayward Records France 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
Tinariwen - Amassakoul Cover-Design Tinariwen Amassakoul (Album) Independent Records Ltd. Japan 2003 Diese Version verkaufen
Tinariwen - Aman Iman: Water Is Life Cover-Design Tinariwen Aman Iman: Water Is Life (Album) Independiente Australia & New Zealand 2006 Diese Version verkaufen
Tinariwen - Imidiwan: Companions Cover-Design Tinariwen Imidiwan: Companions (Album) Independiente UK 2009 Diese Version verkaufen
Tinariwen - Tassili Cover-Design Tinariwen Tassili (Album) V2 US 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
none Tinariwen - Live At Bouffes Du Nord Cover-Design Tinariwen Live At Bouffes Du Nord(8xFile, MP3) Not On Label none UK 2011
Tinariwen - Emmaar Cover-Design Tinariwen Emmaar (Album) Wedge UK 2013 Diese Version verkaufen
Tinariwen - Live In Paris Cover-Design Tinariwen Live In Paris (Album) Wedge US 2015 Diese Version verkaufen
Tinariwen - Elwan Cover-Design Tinariwen Elwan (Album) Wedge US 2017 Diese Version verkaufen
Tinariwen - Amadjar Cover-Design Tinariwen Amadjar (Album) Wedge US 2019 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

10298 Tinariwen - Chet Boghassa Cover-Design Tinariwen Chet Boghassa(CD, Single, Promo, Car) Emma Productions, Triban Union 10298 France 2003 Diese Version verkaufen
COOPR417 Tinariwen Imidiwan Ma Tenam(CD, Single) V2 COOPR417 Europe 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
COOPR374 Tinariwen - Tenere Taqqim Tossam Cover-Design Tinariwen Featuring Kyp Malone & Tunde Adebimpe* Tinariwen Featuring Kyp Malone & Tunde Adebimpe* - Tenere Taqqim Tossam(CD, Single, Promo) V2, Cooperative Music COOPR374 UK 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
RRC005 Tinariwen - Tenere Taqqim Tossam Cover-Design Tinariwen Tenere Taqqim Tossam(12", Ltd) Rise Record Club RRC005 UK 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
VVR700662 Tinariwen - Tassili Remix E.P. Cover-Design Tinariwen Tassili Remix E.P.(12", EP, Ltd, Mar) V2 VVR700662 UK & Europe 2012 Diese Version verkaufen
Promo Tinariwen - Tiwayyen Cover-Design Tinariwen Tiwayyen(CDr, Single, Promo) Cool Badge Promo 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
none Tinariwen - Toumast Tincha Cover-Design Tinariwen Toumast Tincha(CD, Single, Promo) Not On Label none Europe 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
WEDGEEP001/14 Tinariwen - Inside/Outside Joshua Tree Acoustic Sessions Cover-Design Tinariwen Inside/Outside Joshua Tree Acoustic Sessions(12", EP) Wedge WEDGEEP001/14 Europe 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
10590 Tinariwen - Arawan Cover-Design Tinariwen Arawan(CD, Single, Promo) Universal 10590 Unknown Diese Version verkaufen


ISOM75DVD Tinariwen - Live In London Cover-Design Tinariwen Live In London(DVD-V) Independiente Ltd. ISOM75DVD UK 2008 Diese Version verkaufen
FTH088DVD Tinariwen - Live @ Koko Cover-Design Tunng & Tinariwen Tunng & Tinariwen - Live @ Koko(DVD-V, Ltd) Full Time Hobby FTH088DVD UK 2010 Diese Version verkaufen


ASPSAMP1 Tinariwen - African Soul Rebels * The Sampler * UK Tour 2005 Cover-Design Rachid Taha, Tinariwen, Daara J Rachid Taha, Tinariwen, Daara J - African Soul Rebels * The Sampler * UK Tour 2005(CD, Smplr) Music Beyond Mainstream ASPSAMP1 UK 2005 Diese Version verkaufen
TIN1 Tinariwen - Matadjem Yinmixan Cover-Design Tinariwen Matadjem Yinmixan(CD, Promo) Independiente TIN1 UK 2008 Diese Version verkaufen
none Tinariwen Tiny Desk Concert(File, MP3, 128) National Public Radio none 2012

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21. März 2012
geändert over 7 years ago
Tinariwen is a Tuareg group that performs in a Middle Eastern/African style similar to artists like Ali Farka Toure or Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. All of the musicians originate from the southern Sahara, the group's name, meaning "empty places," is a reflection of their land of origin. The band formed in the rebel camps of Colonel Ghadaffi, as each of the musicians had been forced from their nomadic lifestyle into involuntary military service. Surrounded by a displaced nation of their peers, Tinariwen forged a new style of music, trading their traditional lutes and shepherd's flutes for electric guitars and drums. The style that resulted was dubbed "Tishoumaren," or "the music of the unemployed." Their music addressed issues such as political awakening, problems of exile, repression of their people, and demands of sovereignty. In a region with no postal or telephone system, their tapes soon became a grassroots voice of rebellion and a rallying point for a disenfranchised nation. Though outlawed in Algeria and Mali, 2001's The Radio Tisdas Sessions and 2004's Amassakoul are available to Western audiences. In 2006, they recorded their third album, Aman Iman: Water Is Life, released internationally in 2007 by Harmonia Mundi's World Village imprint. The album was produced by Justin Adams, and featured the voice and guitar of founding member Mohammed Ag Itlale. Tinariwen toured the world for the first time in its wake. They followed the album with Imidiwan: Companions, a two-disc set containing one disc of music and a DVD documentary about Tinariwen's history. This was once again followed by a world tour that included numerous festival appearances in the United States and Europe. Tinariwen signed to America's Anti imprint in 2010. The label encouraged them to experiment. The end result is Tassili, issued in 2011, in which the band recorded completely acoustically in a protected region of the Southeastern Algerian Desert. The tapes were flown to America where guitarist Nels Cline overdubbed electric guitars and New Orleans' famed Dirty Dozen Brass Band added horns, making Tassili a truly international collaboration.

Tinariwen, the Malian Touraeg group, finally broke through to Western audiences with 2007's Aman Iman and 2009's Imidiwan -- culminating in an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival -- 20 years after their inception. The increased profile did little to alter their "desert blues" with its incantatory droning -- primarily electric -- guitars, claps and organic percussion, and chanted vocals in songs about struggle and independence (some of Tinariwen's members were once rebel guerilla fighters). That sound comes out of a nation that exists between the harsh Sahara and the lush African savannah to the south, but it has less in common with other Malian musicians because the band is nomadic, never staying in one place for long. Tassili, named for the region of the Algerian desert they cut the record in, is Tinariwen's Anti label debut. It is similar, at least structurally, to its predecessors. Tinariwen play their trademark, labyrinthine music on acoustic guitars this time -- a back to basics development in itself. Conversely, they've allowed trusted producers Ian Brennan and Jean Paul Romann some liberties in letting Western musicians participate on some cuts. Opener "Imidiwan Ma Tennam" commences much as their music has in the past, with the guitars and lead vocals of Ibrahim Ag Alhabib to lead his bandmates in a snakey weave of handclaps, chants, and secondary guitars to follow his own. A little later, Nels Cline's electric guitar almost imperceptibly slithers into the mix, with a stunning but blunted array of effects; they take nothing away from the song's essence. "Ya Messinagh" begins as a single riff blues before handclaps and a second acoustic guitar answer it in what is the closest thing to a Delta blues intro that Tinariwen has recorded. Ag Alhabib's soulful earthy vocals are met at the end of the second verse by the sonorous open tones of brass and reeds by members of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. What's amazing is just how seamless their interaction is. On "Walla Illa" and two other cuts, TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone add vocals and guitars; they add a textual element to other cuts while restraining themselves vocally and instrumentally so as not to intrude. These artists may or may not extend the Touareg group's reach into the West. If so, they've done so without Tinariwen compromising their sound. These songs are simply Tinariwen doing what they do best: being themselves, albeit more powerfully, not because of the collaborations, but because of the acoustic approach they've taken here. Their sound is dustier, more evocative of the landscape they wander; Tassili is as desolate -- and as timeless -- as the desert itself.

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