Black Uhuru


Roots Reggae group, formed 1972 in Kingston, Jamaica. One of the most popular reggae acts ever and the first one to win a Grammy. Founded by Derrick "Duckie" Simpson, Don Carlos (2) and Rudolph "Garth" Dennis, they rose to international fame in the '80s, when they were joined with the rhythm section of Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare and with Puma Jones and Michael Rose as leadsingers. After his departure Rose was replaced by young singers like Junior Reid and Andrew Bees.

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Aliases:Black Sounds Of Ultro
Members:Andrew Bees, Daryl Thompson, Duckie Simpson, Errol Wilson, Euvin Spencer, Jennifer Connally, Jo Jo Mac, Junior Reid, Lowell Dunbar, Marcus "Rangatan" Smith, Michael Rose, Puma Jones, Robbie Shakespeare, Rudolph "Garth" Dennis
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