Third Eye (5)

Formed in the Netherlands after the Jan Huydts Trio by drummer Leo de Ruiter as a guitar/bass/drums trio, performing mostly in Germany. In 1973 Jan Huydts came back into the group. In The Netherlands they performed as a guitar/piano/drums trio, in Germany with bassist Alfred Haurand. They later expanded and evolved into an international band led by bassist Alfred Haurand.


01004 Third Eye (5) - Third Eye Cover-Design Third Eye (5) Third Eye(LP, Album) Ring Records 01004 Germany 1976 Diese Version verkaufen
01030 Third Eye (5) - Connexion Cover-Design Third Eye (5) Connexion (Album) Ring Records 01030 Germany 1977 Diese Version verkaufen
VS 0021 Third Eye (5) - Third Eye Live! Cover-Design Third Eye (5) Third Eye Live!(LP, Album) View Records VS 0021 Germany 1982 Diese Version verkaufen


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3. Januar 2019
Oddball European jazz outfit garnering the essence of trad, bop, latin and 70's era fusion as fodder for their fertile musical voyages.
I only own one album Connexion and its dynamic with sweet hooks that draw influence from American funk but do not overstay their use. I also like the fact Gaynair solos on flute as well as saxophone and the use of Rhodes and ARP is nicely balanced. The band is tight and accomplished you can hear it in the rhythm section when the bassist and drummer lock grooves.
There is a definite Euro jazz flair as only European musicians can construe throughout the album. All in all a very enjoyable excursion into Euro Jazz without the sap and syrup or disco or anything remotely "too" American influencing the overall focus.

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