Kristof Hahn


German musician, songwriter and translator, born in 1959.

Moving to Berlin in 1980, he scored a job at Germany’s first punk record store, Zensor, while studying political science. Becoming involved in the music scene, he founded and collaborated in several bands until becoming a member of Swans (1989–92), Angels Of Light from 1998, then Swans again (2010 - present). He is now a member of Pere Ubu and works as a solo artist (and book translator), as well as leading his band Sultans Of Gedankenbrain.
He has a long running recording project with Olaf Kraemer with various names related to vampires. The latest incarnation, in 2023, is called Golden Vampire Experience.

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Aliases:Justice Hahn
In Groups:Die Goldenen Vampire, Les Hommes Sauvages, Pere Ubu, Steph Means Justice, Sultans Of Gedankenbrain, Swans, The Angels Of Light, The Legendary Golden Vampires, The Nirvana Devils, Wir Und Das Menschliche E.V., Собаки Табака, Golden Vampire Experience
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